If you’re starting a new family, your kitchen will be the center of attention. You won’t always have the right tools to make the best meals. Here are some essential kitchen utensils. Below are the ten most essential kitchen appliances. These are just a few of the many kitchen appliances that you can find.

1. Stove

It is the most essential thing in the kitchen. Without it, you cannot cook food. You must ensure that it is always available in your kitchen.

2. Pans

There are always new pan coatings. Cast iron pans are the foundation of ceramic, Teflon and other coatings.

These are used in over 2,000 year-old kitchens.

Modern cast iron pans have been treated to prevent food sticking. These pans can be used on both the stovetop and in the oven because of their excellent heat storage capabilities.

Cast iron pans can be used for many years and are very durable. You can take these pans with you to an induction cooker-equipped modern kitchen.

3. Pots

You will need a pot to cook some dishes like soups, stews or pasta.

We recommend that you buy a set of pots as one pot is insufficient for cooking. Sets are often cheaper than individual pots.

A set should have at least one large pan for pasta or stews and a medium saucepan for soups or similar. This indicates that you’re well-positioned for the moment.

4. kitchen knife

Professional kitchen knives are available to help you cut up meat. It can be used to cut ingredients for steaks, soups, and many other purposes. They are strong, balanced, and precise. The 20 cm kitchen knives offer the best control over home cooking.

5. Cutting board

You can easily cut vegetable without damaging the blade or table with the cutting board. Although they may look scratched from everyday use, cutting boards are durable. Safest cutting boards are those made of silicone, bamboo or HDPE plastic. A wooden cutting board can also be a great choice. However, prolonged exposure to water may cause it to darken.

6. Vegetable slicer

A vegetable slicer can be used to quickly chop fruits and vegetables. The most important kitchen tools should always be at your fingertips.

Cutlery and dishes are other essential kitchen utensils. These are decorative and part of the essential equipment of a kitchen.

7. Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker can be used to steam foods, but also for all simmered recipes, with shorter cooking times that traditional casserole dishes.

8. Wooden spoon

Remember, you were just making pasta and suddenly you needed to stir. This is your search for the perfect utensil. You have failed in your search. You need a wooden spoon. This kitchen tool is one of the most versatile. It’s simple and will be there for you whenever you need it. Why wood? Wood is a comfortable material. It’s pleasant to use, both in terms of its touch and weight. You should not leave it in the dishwasher too long.

9. The peeler

Only a few people are passionate about cooking. But who isn’t? The peeler remembers this tedious, dirty job. It’s a topic that court clerks could discuss for hours. With such a tool, it could become a guilty pleasure to peel potatoes and other vegetables. Have you ever done this with your fingers or left the skin on? Do not panic! The peeler will make your life much easier. You have two options. The classic knife is efficient and can be tiring for the hands. The thrifty is another version. This knife is easier to use and more accurate, but it’s also less tiring. For vegetables with a long shape, we recommend the first for fruit and vegetables that are round.

10. Colander

Although we can live without it, it is something that we regret when our pasta goes to the sink. You can also use it to quickly rinse fruits and veggies in large quantities.


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