Many Dragon Ball Amazing fans are trying to discover all the facts about Black Goku. But are we really familiar with the true Son Goku? What if you look at all the episodes from the DBZ series as well as the entire Dragon Ball movie, are there any surprises?

We have some facts to share about Goku

1. Toriyama disliked drawing Goku’s tail.

Goku’s tail can be as symbolic as his hair. It was a gift from his father and is four of six arcs in the original Dragon Ball. Because it is such an integral part Goku’s early design, it is hard to understand how it disappeared so quickly from the series. However, there is a good reason. Toriyama did not like drawing tails. Toriyama claimed that the tail was not distracting from the action but logistics made it too difficult for him so he ended up removing the concept entirely. They may return to the Saiyan Ark by which time Raditz or Naappa will wear the belts, and thus avoid the artistic frustrations of the early days.

2Goku wins only once in the World Martial Arts Tournament

The Dragon Ball anime basically focuses on fighting. Dragon Ball Zalone can have as many as 187 fights.

The World Martial Arts Tournament, which brings together many strong fighters from around the world, is the story that opens the anime.

Kakarot has taken part in the tournament six times. He won only one of the championships, and that was after defeating Piccolo.

3. Inspirational Dragon Ball Character Names

Names for Dragon Ball characters come from many sources. The name of a vegetable is an example of how the Saiyans were inspired.

Kakarot is Goku’s real name. It was inspired by carrot, aka carrot. Vegeta is an inspiration from vegetable, which means vegetable, and Raditz which refers to radish.

Its name is after a food, which is why it is used by fighters from Earth. Examples include Gohan (rice), Yamcha (dimsum), Tien Shinhan (fried rice), and Krillin (chestnut).

Additionally, the motto of the best Disney cartoon Cinderella serves as inspiration for the characters Babidi , Bibidi , and Buu.

4. Japan celebrates Goku Day on May 9,

It’s almost every single day when it’s day of celebration. Not except Goku Day. This anime star has been a huge success. It’s just like May 4 with Star Wars, because May 9, is Goku Day because of the exact same reality.

In Japan, the numbers 5, 9 and 9 can actually be inferred by the sounds of “go”, “ku”. Therefore, May is the 5th Month, and then on the 9th Day of the 5th Month, it becomes “Goku”.

5. His hair keeps changing shape

Goku’s hair has a symbolic meaning. It doesn’t necessarily have a constant shape. Goku’s hair is often shaped in anime promo art. But cartoons can change the shape and location of his hair. Kakarot’s hair at an early stage is more bushy and less straight than most people are used to. Kakarot’s spikes will not take on their own shape by the 21st martial arts meeting. However, his hair still has a sensual quality at an early stage. It does not disappear later.

6. Goku only killed 3 enemies in all of Dragon Ball

In his childhood, he killed Piccolo Damiao by using his fist Oozaru. He had concentrated some energy in his fist. The Piccolo Demon was still able to create a child from his image (a sort of copy of him) before his death. However, we still count his passing.

Babidi ordered his warriors to fight Goku’s band, and Goku killed his giant monster Yakon. He had taken too much energy from him.

Goku had to use Genkidama in order to capture the energy of all Earthlings to kill Buu.

7. Dragon Boy is the original Idea for Dragon Ball

Dr. Slump was the original theme of Dragon Ball, and Dragon Boy was given the title Dragon Boy.

Dragon Boy was originally the name of Dragon Ball. The story is about Tanton, a boy that can create a dragon. Later, the Tanton character appeared in Dragon Ball, Son Gohan. (Son of Goku).

Tanton is not the same as Son Goku. The Tanton’s inside has two pairs of dragon wings. Dragon Boy’s works were accepted by Dragon Ball, which was then produced one year later.

8. Both Goku and Superman’s parents

Goku was a pure Saiyan. His parents were Saiyans. His father was Bardock while his mother was Gane.

Bardock was a legendary saiyan fighter. He doesn’t hesitate to confront Frieza despite the far-right differences he has in strength.

Although her mother was a gentle and kind woman, it was very different from the general character saiyan fighters.

Fans compared the stories of Superman to Goku, which is unique. Their parents sent them both to Earth to help their children survive the destruction of their planet.

Due to his incredible powers, both characters are among the very last of their race. In fact, even the father-of-2 has similar traits.

Is it true that Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball creator, was inspired by Superman?

9. Goku is dubbed the same as Goten, Goten, Gohan and Bardock.

Masako Nozawa (Photo: Screen Rant)

Goku is depicted as a masculine character with superpowers. However, did you know that Goku’s voice can be filled by an 80 year-old grandmother?

The sound pitch for the characters Goku, Geten and Gohan is identical. It is only natural that all four characters were dubbed by Masako Nezawa. Since the very beginning of Dragon Ball, the woman has been dubbing all four Dragon Ball character voices for over 20 years. Raditz was the only member of his family that he did not want.

10. Goku might be three years younger than he thinks

While the Dragon Ball Minus Retcons are the largest in the franchise, they don’t seem as outlandish as Goku. Minus altered his backstory to allow him, at the age three, to be sent to Earth. This change doesn’t make much sense in the story and it also poses questions about Goku’s age throughout the series.

Roushi claims that his grandfather Gohan had found Goku when he was a baby. So, do you think Gohan realized he was three years older than he thought or simply assumed he was a newborn. This could also mean that Goku is actually three years older than what he believes. Or is that the reason Roushi’s comment has been turned off? In the first case, it took him quite a while before he reached puberty. In the latter case, Roushi made an important comment about the disposable line. Dragon Ball Minus, in any case, causes all the confusion.

11. Fear of needles

Goku and Vegeta, as saiyans are clearly the strongest characters in anime, even if they are compared to other characters.

They don’t fear or have phobias. They have it both, loh!

He is well-known for his fear of needles. He was so scared of needles that he needed to be in hospital, he shouted at the staff when he saw the syringe. He’s scared of his wife, too!

Vegeta, the prince saiyan’s fear of a weak creature known as a worm. This is what he and Goku do when they get into Buu’s body.


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