Could it be said that you are an Apex Legends fan pondering Apex Legends pick rates Season 13? We have you covered with all the data you really want. With Season 13 currently out on the roll, the presentation of another Legend Newcastle has played destruction with the pick paces of the relative multitude of Legends. This article brings to you every one of the information you want to know connecting with Apex Legends pick paces of Season 13 and who are the most famous Legends and that large number of tricky amazements as well.

In any case, we are don’t know whether we could say who is the best Legend among all, since pick rates may be a variable, however it is genuinely by all accounts not the only element utilizing which one can figure out who the best Legend of Season 13 is. The information of this article is a synopsis of the perspectives on roughly 8 million Apex Legends players, who, despite the fact that, don’t include the entire gaming local area, however certainly are a decent sum.

Right away, let us continue on toward the Apex Legends pick rates for Season 13 and give you all the data you want to be aware.

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Peak Legends Pick Rates Season 13

Here we present you the most recent rundown of pick rates for every Legend, concerning May, 2022. Monitor this article since we will refresh it as and when the pick rates change.

Summit Legends Pick Rates Season 13

Character Pick Rate

1. Wraith 10.7%

2. Octane 10.2%

3. Valkyrie 9.4%

4. Bloodhound 8.7%

5. Pathfinder 7.8%

6. Newcastle 7.5%

7. Horizon 5.7%

8. Bangalore 4.5%

9. Ash 4.2%

10. Lifeline 3.9%

11. Loba 3.5%

12. Fuse 3.1%

13. Rampart 3.1%

14. Gibraltar 3%

15. Mirage 2.7%

16. Burning 2.4%

17. Seer 2%

18. Revenant 2%

19. Watson 2%

20. Frantic Maggie 1.9%

21. Crypto 1.7%

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Changes in Pick Rates of Apex Legends Season 13

As you can plainly see from the rundown of Apex Legends pick rates Season 13 given above, Legends Octane and Wraith have kept up with their incomparability and topped the pick rates list for one more season. You might see that there are in complete 21 Legends now, though in the rundown of Apex Legends pick rates Season 12, there were just 20 Legends. This is a direct result of the freshest Legend Newcastle, who started off as a banger as the majority of the new Legends do, yet presently, has dropped down from third position to 6th with 7.5% as his pick rate.

Another change which has been a stunner should be visible in the position of Rampart who, for quite a while was the least-picked Legend, has now leaped to thirteenth situation with 3.1% as her pick rate. Loba, another Legend who was very little famous before, has now begun to develop with the assistance of her wristband buffs. Discussing the other legends, there is a sad perceptible change in the Apex Legends rank table.

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Most Played Legends in Apex Legends Season 13

As referenced in the start of the article, it isn’t required that the top-picked Legends should be awesome and the best legends. Yet, remembering the continuous form in the new season, it very well may be seen that similar few characters have been possessing the best positions for some time now.

Allow us now to take a gander at the most played Legends in Apex Legends Season 13.

1. Phantom

summit legends pick rates season 13

Phantom is the most famous Legend with a tremendous 10.7% pick rate in the Apex Legends pick rates Season 13 rundown. One reason for such a decent achievement rate is that her capacities abilities actually stand unchallenged and indispensable by some other Legend. On the off chance that you have Wraith on your crew ,, you certainly can anticipate a success.

2. Octane

Octane has been one of the predictable and most reliable Legends in view of his simple to utilize capacities and an ability to mix in with a group. This Apex Legend can perform well. Octane, who for the most part is the main pick, has been pushed over by Wraith in Season 13, yet remains at an immense 10.2% pick rate in Apex Legends Season 13.

3. Dog

peak legends pick rates season 13

With his ‘Eye of the Allfather’ capacity, Bloodhound proceeds with his heritage as the ‘Best Recon Legend’. Utilizing this capacity, he could outstandingly follow a group and get you data about them. This comprises a significant motivation behind why Bloodhound remains on a strong 8.7% pick rate in Apex Legends Season 13.

4. Valkyrie

Valkyrie has forever been a top pick for the people who are cornered by their foe Legend and frantically need to get out while managing the harm. Players likewise pick Valkyrie for her Skyward Dive Ultimate capacity, which empowers her to escape a terrible spot by turning herself out of there. This certainly is a significant explanation concerning why Valkyrie remains on the third situation in Apex Legends pick rates Season 13 rundown with 9.4% as her pick rate.

5. Pathfinder

pinnacle legends pick rates season 13

Pathfinder, a portability based Legend, who probably won’t be pretty much as viable as he used to be thriving days, is as yet a top pick for the vast majority of the Apex Legends fans with a 7.8% pick rate. Since Season 5 of Apex Legends, Respawn has been one of the different Legends who have figured out how to counter Pathfinder’s abilities and assaults. By and by, Pathfinder has some way or another figured out how to be an extraordinary choice and one of the greatest picked characters in Apex Legends pick rates Season 13 rundown.

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Wrapping Up

Zenith Legends falls under the rundown of games that a gamer ought to attempt once in the course of their life. The rundown of Apex Legends pick rates Season 13 goes about as an aide for the individuals who are new to the game. We trust that this article of our own truly assisted you and gave you the data about the Apex Legends pick rates Season 13. In the event that you feel a little uncertain or questions with respect to something similar, leave a remark and we will contact you.


1. Which Apex Legend has the most noteworthy pick rate?

The Apex Legend Wraith is the most famous Legend with the most noteworthy pick pace of 10.7%.

2. Who is the least picked Legend in Apex Legends Season 13?

Crypto is the least picked Legend in Apex Legend Season 13 with a pick pace of 1.7%.

3. What is Seer’s pick rate?

The Legend Seer has a pick pace of 2%.


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