It’s the time of going house to house asking for candy and extreme leap panics, be it tricks or in motion pictures. While there is no deficiency of carnage Halloween-themed content, the expansion of engaging specials from sitcoms certainly compensate for a period enjoyed well with your friends and family. Thus, in this article, we’ll be taking you through one of the most adored sitcoms ever – How I Met Your Mother, or as fans prominently call it HIMYM.

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Looking at engaging shows, there’s no question that the How I Met Your Mother series has made a heritage in the romantic comedy type. And keeping in mind that the consummation was a questionably begging to be proven wrong one, we will neglect that for the present. All through its run of nine seasons traversing very nearly 10 years from 2005-2014, the show provided the crowd with a great deal of chuckles and cries notwithstanding probably the best life showing statements and messages.

Aside from the show’s shrewd and drawing in narrating strategy worked out by the amazingly radiant cast of Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, and Alyson Hannigan, the show likewise wanted to highlight its reasonable part of occasion specials, similarly as with different sitcoms including The Office and Friends.

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Do You Have any idea How Many How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes Are There?

With a sum of 15 occasion unique featurettes covering significant occasions including Christmas and Thanksgiving (or rather Slapsgiving!), the creation group thought of just three How I Met Your Mother Halloween episodes. Shocked a lot? We’re as well!

Peruse alongside the article as we investigate every one of these Halloween specials in the accompanying subsections.

1. Scandalous Pumpkin (Season 1 Episode 6)

On the off chance that you’re a HIMYM re-watcher, this episode needs no presentation. The entire Slutty Pumpkin adventure plot isn’t only one of the most eminent occasion specials yet additionally a famous episode topic overall.

For amateurs who have no clue about what’s really going on with this episode, let us make a plunge directly into the happenings of the episode.

Everything begins with the tale of Ted getting together with a young lady wearing a hot pumpkin outfit in his loft’s rooftop party four years back on Halloween night. Ted reviews the particular memory of the whorish pumpkin making him a blended beverage of Kahlua and root lager that she named Tootsie Roll. And keeping in mind that they traded numbers, Ted in the end winds up losing the KitKat covering that she put her number on.

Thus with the fantasy about gathering her “great” lady, on each Halloween, Ted wears a similar Hanging Chad outfit that he wore the initial time around trusting that the Slutty Pumpkin will appear. Discuss being the apex of sad sentimental people, amirite?

In the mean time in different occasions of the episode, Marshall and Lily are amped up for their ensembles for the couple’s outfit contest at their typical bar – the MacLaren’s bar. With Lily dressed as a parrot and Marshall as Jack Sparrow, the team wins the opposition.

The episode likewise plunges into the narrative of Robin illuminating the pack that she has been dating a person named Mike. As the gathering hasn’t met Mike yet, Lily recommends going on a twofold date which doesn’t go as arranged as the episode advances.

The entire episode is one full diversion bundle with Barney attempting to get Ted to go along with him at a Victoria’s Secret Halloween party and Robin’s receptive weirded-out date with Mike. This is likewise the principal episode that includes Barney’s wizardry alongside the use of the famous epithets – Marshmallow and Lilypad.

2. Canning Randy (Season 6 Episode 7)

The second Halloween unique episode highlighted after five seasons since the CBS show previously got it in season 1. The plot of the episode takes on three stories.

The principal story follows Zoey who joins Ted’s engineering class. At last turning Ted’s understudies against him, Zoey causes the class to go to the dissent because of obliterating the Arcadian to account for the new GNB base camp.

How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes

Source: How I Met Your Mother Wiki – Fandom

In different occasions, Marshall needs to manage the awkward individual worker, Randy. While at first, he would have rather not terminated Randy, Marshall winds up conflicting with this choice. What follows is a new development wherein Marshall gets Randy rehired which the last option doesn’t accept well as Randy needed the severance bundle to set up his lager bottling works.

In the interim, the third story takes on Robin who attempts to conceal a humiliating mystery of her whereabouts the evening of Halloween. The group thinks of the determination of Robin having a casual hookup with Randy. In spite of the fact that Robin guarantees this to be reality, to everybody’s entertainment, it is uncovered that she really featured in a business for grown-up diapers.

3. The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (Season 7 Episode 8)

Ok! The account of the Slutty Pumpkin that started in the main season follows up towards its decision in the eighth episode of Season 7. Similarly as the mother wasn’t uncovered till the show’s last season, the personality of Slutty Pumpkin didn’t show up till this very episode.

Everything begins with Ted haphazardly running over the skanky pumpkin ensemble in a shop. After sorting out the name of the young lady that leased the ensemble back in 2001, Ted in the long run gets together with Naomi. The two beginnings dating however Ted before long understands that there is no science and she isn’t the “one” he had trusted her to be. Notwithstanding, being the teddy kid that he is, Ted makes what is going on more abnormal by saying that he adores her.

How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes

Source: IMDB

In the mean time, Lily who is managing Pregnancy Brain imprudently chooses to move to her grandparent’s home in suburbia. In different occasions of the episode, Robin figures out that Barney is one-quarter Canadian. The entire episode is simply brimming with thunders of giggling right from the Classic Schmosby! Antics to Robin taunting Barney for his Canadian legacy.

Wrapping Up

With this, now is the ideal time to wrap up the article on Halloween-themed episodes from truly outstanding and my most loved sit-com, HIMYM. We are 101% sure you’ll have some good times and end up happily on your charming little face watching these How I Met Your Mother Halloween episodes.

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