Christmas is a couple of days away and you certainly don’t have any desire to get exhausted up and down the Christmas season. Fortunately, our #1 sitcoms have made a few occasion specials so we don’t need to stress over anything. Discussing sitcoms, HIMYM has engaged us a ton in the Christmas season. Thus, we are here to uncover the Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes.

The show went on for a considerable length of time and that could never have occurred without the remarkable cast of HIMYM. Josh Randor (Ted Mosby) and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson) are my undisputed top choices from the cast. Other than being the dolls, their on-screen relationship with Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky) really got the show moving.

Christmas, yet the show creators have additionally covered some great HIMYM Halloween episodes, and in the event you have missed on some tomfoolery, ensure you observe every one of those too during the Christmas season. We should not keep you standing by any longer. Immediately go through this rundown of best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes.

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All How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes

Beginning from 2005 and broadcasting around 200 episodes, HIMYM is most certainly the most loved sitcom of many individuals. The fellowships, love, connections, you see every last bit of it in the sitcom, and adequately it’s to satisfy all of you.

If you have any desire to snicker and have a bright outlook on the Christmas season, then, at that point, you can likewise look at all the How I Met Your Mother Thanksgiving Episodes. Companions and eats make a decent blend and that is precisely why you ought to watch these episodes.

1. How Lily Stole Christmas | Season 2 Episode 11

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

The principal episode in the rundown of best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes is “The manner by which Lily Stole Christmas”. It is one of the initial not many episodes where Lily does her Aldrin Justice thing. It’s fundamentally Lily’s method for getting back at somebody by taking any of their things. Ted is really eager to meet his companions on Christmas.

While Lily is caught up with designing her place when she sees a replying mail and subsequent to playing it, there are many messages in it from Marshall and Ted expressing mean things about her. Subsequent to saying ‘sorry’ to Lily, Ted enjoys his Christmas with a strict cousin.

There are additionally numerous different things about the episode that can make you soft. Like when Marshall shows nice thoughts towards Lily and comprehends that companions are additionally family.

2. Little Minnesota | Season 4 Episode 11

In the second How I Met Your Mother Christmas episode, Robin is yearning to go home and miserable in light of the fact that she isn’t enjoying Christmas with her family in Canada. Marshal, being an old buddy, takes her to the Walleye Saloon. It’s a similar spot he visits when he misses his old neighborhood. In any case, after some time, Marshall acknowledges Robin needs to visit a spot that helps her to remember Canada. Thus, he takes her to the Hoser Hut, which is a Canadian bar.

Likewise, Heather illuminates that she will be moving to New York City. Since she is Ted’s sister, he is stressed that Barney could again hit on her and compose bizarre Christmas tunes on her.

3. Bogus Positive | Season 6 Episode 12

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

Bogus Positive is my number one out of all the How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes. The best thing about this episode is that it’s loaded up with feelings. The episode begins when Ted hangs tight for every one of his companions after they watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” in a theater. Then Lily comes to imagine that she is pregnant which is subsequently cleared that she isn’t.

Barney and Robin are disliking simply deciding. Robin sees herself as an underachiever and Barney has returned to being a harmful shopaholic. Subsequent to taking a gander at wreck all over, Ted brings back everybody from their potholes and urges all to get doing great.

The episode closes with Ted going to the theater to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” alone.

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4. Ensemble Of Illumination | Season 7 Episode 12

Being a definitive companions that they all are, “Ensemble of Illumination” centers around how every one of the companions support Robin when she really wants them the most. Robin figures out that she can’t have children and clearly it’s tragic. However, when the wide range of various companions learn about everything of them really try to make her merry.

Ted sets huge Christmas lights in the loft, Marshall says he will get the best stylistic layout for Christmas. In any case, later we see that a few children played Marshall, locked him on the rooftop, and set up a party in his home. An ideal closure for an ideal How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episode.

5. The Over-Correction | Season 8 Episode 10

Best How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episodes Ranked

“The Over Correction” is one silly How I Met Your Mother Christmas episode, and in the event that you haven’t watched it up to this point, then, at that point, kindly do. In the episode, Patrice and Barney begin dating and it annoys Robin since she can’t stand her. To isolate both of them, Robin intends to uncover Barney and his womanizer demeanor.

Breaking Barney’s loft, Robin comes to track down his Playbook. Robin asks Ted for help and keeping in mind that the two of them are looking for the book, the couple shows up and Robin and Ted need to conceal in the storage room. Amazingly, they observe that Lily is likewise concealing in the storage room. To realize the reason why simply watch the episode and chuckle your entire being out.

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6. The Final Page | Season 8 Episode 11 and 12

The one Christmas extraordinary that you ought to never miss at any expense. Ted accepts Robin as his date to the function for the GNB building. There Ted spills the way that he is familiar with Barney proposing to Patrice. It is clearly a shock for Robin, so she gets on the top of the structure just to observe that she is “The Robin” in the playbook. This implies this Barney-Patrice relationship was exclusively to get Robin back. Barney played savvy here.

And afterward in the center of all the city lights, Barney admits and there we have another extraordinary How I Met Your Mother Christmas Episode.

Wrapping Up

In spite of an extremely lengthy excursion, we won’t ever be burnt out on watching HIMYM again and again. In the event that you likewise feel something similar, you couldn’t want anything more than to marathon watch the best How I Met Your Mother Christmas episodes this year with every one of your loved ones. In the event that you loved this article, remark underneath your number one episode from the rundown.

You can likewise impart this article to your companions with whom you would need to watch the best HIMYM Christmas episodes.

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