This article will discuss the Cra Interac Scam. All details regarding the scam, as well as the verification of authority are shared.

Are you a citizen Canada Are you receiving scam calls or messages from CRA You should read the following before you answer any calls or messages. These messages can be sent by scammers to steal your personal information, and then clean up your bank account.

Canadians are afraid of receiving the revenue agency message. The message seems to be fraudulent and not legitimate. People who don’t know anything about the Cro Interac Scam may find the full information here.

Scam of Cra Interac

A fraud team is sending an email or calling Canadians to share a message. This is an electronic transfer of your monthly income collected by the government. You can pay it using the link below.

Nevertheless, after watching these cases, CRA’s main form released a notice advising the public that they don’t request an e-transfer to collect revenue. Instead, the credit will be directly transferred to the account by the genuine source of CRA.

Cra Interacscam : Notifications

An Interac etransfer reminder message appears. It contains your email ID and the link to deposit the money. A message will be displayed stating that the XXX amount has been received by CRA. The link below will allow you to deposit the amount at the bank.

The CRA confirms that the message is a fraud and directs the reader to make threats against the scammers by threatening them or giving a Police warning. You can also contact the nearest police station to file a lawsuit against these calls or messages. CRA does not encourage threatening alerts.

Cra Interacscam : Latest Case

A student recently filed a case at the police station about the CRA etransfer scam message. According to him, he was sent a message by CRA stating that he owed $550.44 to CRA. He can also transfer the money using the e-transfer link in the message.

This student discovered the scam and reported it to the Waterloo police station. Police discover that multiple scam calls and messages are being spread via CRA after they report a case. The Cra Interac scam was discovered by police. We don’t encourage such E payments that contain personal information. You can also verify your CRA account before you make any payment.


In Canada, new theft fraud is taking place. People are being scammed by CRA agencies. Citizens are receiving suspicious messages from CRA about a payment. However, CRA denies the alert and proves that it is a fraud.

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