What is the importance of a current bank account? All of us know the importance of a current account for business. It is the best bank account for a business that wants to make frequent transactions. The current account holders can easily make several deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in a day. Most banks facilitate for customers to open a current digital account. 

Current account holders do not get the interest on their bank balance. Read the complete article to know about the current account, from basics to benefits.  

About current account

A Digital current account is a bank account that can perform many transactions in a day.  There is no need to maintain a minimum monthly balance in your current account. From small businesses to large businesses, the current account fits all.  The liquidity nature of the current account makes it a suitable option to meet commercial requirements.  This bank account allows the business to use funds and increase its productivity. 

Requirements to maintain your current account.

  • The current account holder needs to maintain a minimum monthly balance of Rs 10,000 in it. 
  • It is important to associate expenses with account maintenance.
  • Convenient locations for withdrawals from current account 

Logics behind the current digital account

As we know, today’s world is full of competition. Small business and large business have opened their current account. 

Such logic supports the minimum balance maintenance of the current account. It enables the business to get a deposit account with exclusive services. It gives access to digital services and online payment processing to account holders. 

Benefits made by the current digital account.

  • Availability of the funds

As there is no need to maintain the monthly balance in the current account, a business can use its funds flexibly. They do not need to worry about the number of funds kept in the current account. According to the small business needs, if the high-scale business is considered to shift to a low-scale business, then the funds in the account remain the same for a substantial amount. 

  • Absence of non-maintenance charges

If you have an online open current account, you need to maintain the minimum monthly balance in it. If you do not maintain the monthly balance in it, it will levy a high penalty and charge you. This kind of problem is solved when the account balance falls under the maintenance balance needed in case of an emergency arising in business.  


Here is the complete information on the current account’s meaning, logic, and benefits. To sum it up, it is concluded that a current account is a prime need for all businesses running today. 


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