Google Doodle: Vietnam’s National Day. Google Doodle Celebrates Vietnam’s National Day. Many people will feel surprised and intrigued when, on the Google homepage, the image of the Vietnamese flag is displayed above the red text.

Clicking the above icon will take you to the content explaining Vietnam National Day (September 2).

Google says that in this sacred moment, the Vietnamese national flag was raised to symbolize the country. The doodle that celebrated Vietnam’s National Day this year featured an image of the Vietnamese national flag in the blue sky.

Google’s Vietnam National Day doodle for this year is not based on still images like before. Instead, it uses animations.

Google shared information about the new Google doodle. While this year’s celebrations will be different because many people have to stay at their homes due to the effects of the pandemics, the message is of national solidarity that the Vietnamese people are stronger and more united.

Internet users no longer find the Google Doodle or Google logo as strange. Google Daoodles are unique icons that temporarily replace Google logo on

They frequently appear at special events, birthdays of celebrities and global influencers.

Google Doodle’s introduction is intended to be a source of freshness and innovation for users. Google plans to also use these iconic images as tools to celebrate, honor, promote, and celebrate.

The Vietnamese celebrate National Day on September 2, 2021. On this day, 76 years back, President Ho Chi Minh delivered the Declaration of Independence on the historic Ba Dinh Square. This gave rise to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.


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