The Japanese studio J.C. Staff presented the new series how a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom to the public in the summer of 2021. Based on the manga with the same name, the project was originally created in 2014. It started as a web comic and was later published in paper format. Dojyomaru is the artist behind the manga. While the anime adaptation received mixed reviews from critics, the studio released a video last fall that confirmed work on a sequel. When How an Realist Hero Rebuilt Kingdom Season 2 is it out?


A fictional fantasy world is at the heart of the story. On a continent that is occupied by many countries, demons start to appear. Gradually, the demons multiply and an empire of states is formed to combat them. The battle is over, but the demons ease the pressure and raid only the border states when necessary.

These countries decide to wage war against the empire and the interior of the continent will lend financial support. It is not possible for the tiny state of Elfrieden, to pay or send troops. The new program will continue to show how and why the people of Elfrieden were able to escape.

Elfrieden, a small country, has no significant income. The country’s social and financial problems have been exacerbated by the influx in refugees trying to escape the conflict as much as possible. The King does not see a solution to the problems and accepts the offer of the court magicians to summon an angel from another dimension.

It can be offered as payment to temporarily defer the Empire’s impending punishment of Elfriden. The king agrees to this, but instead of transferring the hero to his hands, he abruptly gives the reign over to him. This is a surprise for everyone. Future episodes will tell the story of the adventures of the new sovereign.

The summoned heroes turns out to be a Japanese student in his final years of university. KazuyaSoma is equipped with modern knowledge and begins to transform the country’s structure. He quickly becomes a major success. In the second season, they will discover if the student of yesterday can improve the country’s welfare.

Season 1 of “How a Realist Heroes Rebuilt the Kingdom” was broadcast on July 4, 2021 by Tokyo MX, BS11 and BS11. It has 13 episodes. The last episode was released September 26, 2021. This anime was created by J.C.Staff and Takashi Watanabe. The script was written by Hiroshi Oonogi and Gou Zappa.

The good news is that Anime lovers won’t have long to wait. It was announced that How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Season 2 would be released for Winter 2022.


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