You are here because you want to learn effective ways to grow taller. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. Many reasons people want to be that height. It is believed that a shortsighted body can make it less confident. Men who desire a tall body will not be less attractive to his female friends. The strongest reason is that the ideal height is the primary requirement to register to be eligible to enter institutions such as the military, doctor, or police.

Some people are born with an extremely large body. Some people are born with a shorter body. People who feel their body is not tall enough should look for ways to raise it. You can do this by taking a height-enhancer or other drugs that claim it can increase your height. It is possible for growth hormone supplements to be labeled as supporting, but this could lead to it being false. Growth hormone is only available by injections. It is not available in pills, tablets or syrup. You need to be careful and thorough.

It is a smart idea to try natural ways to increase height that are fast, powerful, and without side effects. You will then be exposed to unwanted side effects and risks. Let’s get straight to the point. We see the article below.

How do you grow taller faster

1. High-calcium milk should be drank with care

High calcium content is a hallmark of milk. Calcium is the most important ingredient to maintain strong bones. If you are looking to purchase dairy products, ensure that the milk contains vitaminD. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption. Calcium is good for bone growth and can help prevent osteoporosis. Drink milk two times per day. Breakfast and dinner before going to bed. This will accelerate your height growth.

2. Diligent Drink mineral water

Mineral water is a water that contains minerals that are readily soluble and can quickly be absorbed by the body. Mineral water can be consumed up to 8 glasses daily.

3. Fast growth of height can be achieved by eating high-calcium food

In order to promote body growth, you should also consume foods high in calcium. High calcium foods include: cereals ( chia seed, sesame oils and pop seeds), fish like salmon and sardines, yogurt, almonds and nuts, and cheese.

4. Consume Nutritious foods

Consuming foods rich in nutrients is also important for height growth. Nutritious food is a diet rich in vitamins and protein. It would be even better if the food also contained calcium. Blueberries, gojiberries, mustard, and chia seeds are some examples of high-nutrient foods. This is how you can increase your height and weight so that you achieve the ideal height.

5. A good night’s sleep

The body produces growth hormone ( HGH) when it is sleeping or resting. You should get enough sleep every night. A healthy amount of sleep is at least 8 hours per night. Regular sleep will increase the production of growth hormone and aid in the regeneration of body tissues.

6. You should sleep in the right position

Do you know that a bad sleeping position can cause bone growth and poor posture? This is why a curved bone or a humpback pose are common. To increase the height of your body, the best position to sleep is in the front. Straighten your legs straightening your spine, without bending over the bolsters. Avoid using too high pillows.

7. Get taller

It is a simple physical exercise to stretch or do some stretching. The aim is to make the muscles feel weaker and more comfortable. This is done either before or after exercise. It is possible to increase your height in a week by stretching after you wake up.


  1. Perform a sequence of stretching from your upper body to your lower body.
  2. Don’t stretch unnecessarily (randomly).
  3. Because random stretching can cause blood circulation to become irregular, which can lead to nausea and dizziness.

8. Swimming

Swimming has been used for centuries to naturally increase height. Swimming will allow you to move and train all your muscles, which can accelerate height growth. Swimming sports will stimulate growth hormones to continue producing. Swim at least once per week.

9. Start

Kicking is a good exercise. Kicking will cause your bones and muscles to feel a retractable sensation. This will encourage bone growth in the legs. Simply move your left and right feet in a forward motion. You can also combine it with other movements, such as futsal or kicking the ball. It should be done regularly.

Jumping can affect your bone growth in the same way as kicks. Jumping will increase the height of your body by stimulating the muscles in your legs.


  1. Jump for 15 minutes every day
  2. You just need to jump around.
  3. This can also be done with a rope (jumping rope).


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