Monopoly, a board game, has been around over 100 years. It is very simple. Players roll dice to move about the board. If they land on a space that belongs to another player, they have to pay rent.

You can win the game by either collecting the most money or driving all other players into bankruptcy.

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What’s Jail in Monopoly?

One of the most important areas on the Monopoly board is Jail. You can use it to cool off or keep players stuck for the remainder of the game. It can make a huge impact on the game in any way you want.

Entering Monopoly Jail

Jail is an area on Monopoly where players can be sent to if they land on “Go To Jail” or draw a card that says “Go To Jail.”

How to Get Out of Monopoly Jail

Monopoly has three options for getting out of jail:

1) You pay $50

2) Get out of Jail Free Card

3) Roll doubles

What’s Happening in Monopoly Jail

Monopoly Court Rules states that players can still collect rent from their properties even if they are in Jail. This is because players in Jail must still pay rent, even if they are unable to collect it. This is a great way to make some extra money in Jail.

You can also participate in the Auction to bid on a property. While in Jail, you can build or sell houses or hotels. (Source:

Is Monopoly’s Jail ever a good idea?

Monopoly players don’t want to go to jail. Most players will do everything possible to avoid going to jail in Monopoly.

Monopoly’s key strategy is to avoid jail. A player who lands on the “Go to Jail” space is sent to jail. They cannot collect rent from any other players while there. There are situations where going to jail may actually prove beneficial.

If a player is in debt, going to jail may be a good idea. A player in jail cannot spend money and cannot get back into the game. This gives the player the opportunity to save money and get back in the game.

A player who has many properties and is about be bankrupted or is close to bankruptcy can also benefit from going to jail.

The player can’t collect rent from the properties of the other player while they are in jail. This gives the player the opportunity to try to sell their properties or raise enough money for their debt repayments.

Monopoly can be dangerous. A player in jail may miss out on opportunities to make money or buy property. If a player is in debt, they might not be able get out of jail, and could end up bankrupt.

Is it ever a good idea to go to jail in Monopoly? You can, depending on your situation. Going to jail may be an option for players who are behind on their money.

Going to jail is an option for players who have a lot of property and are about to go bankrupt. They can sell their properties or raise money to pay off their debts.

However, jail is not without its risks. Before you decide to go to jail, it is important that you weigh all the factors.

How long are you allowed to stay in Monopoly jail?

Maximum three turns can be spent in Jail. You automatically get out if you are in Jail for more than three turns.

You can also pay a fine and get out of Monopoly Jail immediately.

How many times can you roll two doubles in Monopoly before getting sent to jail?

Monopoly Jail requires that you roll at least twice as many times.

If you’re in the middle of the game and have three doubles, you can stop playing by staying at Monopoly Jail. If you do not have this initial, you might be behind in terms of being able to acquire as many properties as your competitors.


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Monopoly Jail isn’t always a bad place to visit. It all depends on what time you are playing.

Monopoly Jail can be a blessing if you’re already familiar with the properties. You can avoid paying rent to anyone but you can still collect rent from your competitors when they land on your property.


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