Roronoa Zooro could appear more in the Wanokuni Ark, which is widely known. Zoro, however, is widely believed to be the new sword God – following Ryuma. This is evident in the One Piece manga chapter that was published yesterday.

As mentioned in chapter 1012 Zoro was seen being carried by Sanji and bandaged. Zoro suffered severe injuries from Kaido’s attack. Law and Zoro then climbed from the roof to meet Sanji. Law then gave Zoro’s injured to Sanji, asking him to immediately treat him. Law ordered Sanji to treat Zoro. Zoro was then completely covered with bandages.

Although it is very charming and intriguing, some believe the moment may also have a clue from Oda Sensei concerning the birth of a god. It is not the first crucified Zoro like in chapter 1112. In chapter 3, Zoro was also tied to a pole, and left helpless.

Zoro continued to explore the theme and meaning of the cross. Zoro eventually met Dracule, approximately 50 chapters later. Mihawk arrives with a small ship shaped like a coffin, and a cross on the side. Mihawk has a powerful sword, with a handle and armor in the shape of a cross. He also had a small cross-shaped sword around his neck.

Bartholomew Kuma is another Shichibukai linked to Zoro. He is always seen with a Bible. This theory was based on the belief that Zoro has always been connected to the theme and symbolism of the cross. This theme is evident in many ways.

Law had specifically asked Sanji to treat Zoro’s injuries. Zoro looked as if he were being crucified. Perhaps Zoro was in fact wrapped in bandages and in his normal position, much like the mummies. This could be very funny and entertaining. Oda sensei, however, seems to have different thoughts and ideas.

Oda seems to have been inspired by Jesus’ story in Christianity to create Zoro the hero for Wano. Maybe Zoro will awaken as Wano’s new “sword God” at dawn. We’ve already seen twice what Conqueror Haki Zooro’s capabilities are in chapter 997 and 1010.

Oda might be able to show Ace how the Conqueror Haki from Zoro will “explode”, becoming his savior. Luffy at Marineford was not able to reach the execution stage on time. However, his Conqueror Haki is a great help. Zoro is being treated at the moment and may soon be fully recovered.

This concept is similar in concept to the idea of a cocoon becoming a butterfly within a given time. Geeks will also remember Kung Fu Hustle’s Stephen Chow star. The main character suffers from serious injuries and ends up in bandages like Zoro. But, his inner strength enabled him to heal faster than expected.

This is also what Zoro expects to happen. Zoro will be able to unleash the incredible power of Conqueror Haki. It is important that the right circumstances are created in order for this to occur. Zoro is threatened by his enemies and Sanji is also in danger. He would then have to free Conqueror Haki. This could surprise him and allow him to recover faster.

What time will Zoro’s return to life? It is possible that this will occur before sunrise. This is usually around 3-5 a.m. which is the time when the sun appears in Japan. Wano’s new dawn is a prophecy Toki once proclaimed and it is the last testament of Kozuki Oden.

All symbols are clues to the existence and legend of Wano’s new sword god. Law and Kaido were shocked by Zoro’s Asura techniques, but Kaido didn’t react. Perhaps different things will be displayed to the Red Scabbards, who witnessed this technique. They might see Zoro, as a new sword god that will “substitute” Ryuma. Let’s see what happens to Zoro next geeks.


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