Online Learning – Education is one development sector that is severely affected. How well a country educates its citizens is a key factor in their progress.
It is evident that there has been a shift in learning methods in schools and tertiary educational institutions. Initial face-to–face learning was transformed into online learning.

Online learning can be done online. Many online media, which were once rare, became popular during the Covid-19 epidemic. You can call it Google Classroom, Google Form, Google Meet and Zoom.

Third-party applications like Ruangguru and Quiziiz have been created.

Online and online learning will be available on desktops as well as mobile devices. This tool is essential because online learning wouldn’t be possible without it.

These devices must be connected to the Internet. Apps and social media are also required to enable online learning.

Teachers use social media and apps to provide assignments and materials.

It is simple to purchase a horse

Who said online learning was cheap? Online learning is cheaper than face-toface learning in school.

Many parents complain about the lack of online learning that meets all their needs.

Online learning requires many tools and facilities along with human resources. Android is used for most devices, including desktop devices like laptops, netbooks, computers and laptops.

However, not all parents have the ability to provide online learning services. Many parents have limited abilities to provide access devices, network facilities, and the use of the device.
You may still be able to recall how severe the ban was on students taking their cellphones to school in the pre-co-19 Pandemic period. The school will impose sanctions on students caught with their cellphones. There are also those who have been using their phones while on school premises and were spotted by their parents.

But, things change quickly. For online learning, students must have access to computers and networks.

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Parents can be put in different ways by Okay, including access device problems. Problem is that parents will not be able to purchase internet quotas or data packages. While buying a horse is easy, it may be more difficult to provide grass. This is because you can buy a horse once and provide routine food every day.

As the parable shows, purchasing a cellphone may only be once. Parents can still work on it. However, buying a data plan or internet limit is not something that can be done once. This will happen many times. The amount of content accessed, and how students use the gadget, will affect the length of the data plan. You can also use it for other purposes, such as accessing video-based material and online games.

Perhaps the issue is the limited internet connectivity around the house. Perhaps parents could argue. This is not true if you have limited access to internet packages. Or restrictions in providing gadgets.
School must find real solutions to the problem of online learning because of the inability of parents to provide internet access. This is something that the school already knows.


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