Gol D. Roger became the first pirate on the Grand Line to reach Laugh tale. One Piece is said to be located on this island. Poneglyphs tell stories about the history of the world, what happened during that lost century, and the story of how the spirit D.

We do not know much about the island, including its geography. Only one thing is known: To get there we need four Road Poneglyphs that can be used as clues. Roger and his crew were too fast to find One Piece, and Laugh Tale even though they made it there.

This is a mystery. One thing is certain, however: after arriving at Laughtale, they were unable to do anything. The story reveals that Roger’s “failure”, as it is called, has something to with Joy Boy and also has to do with Joy Boy’s long-term goals.

However, there’s something a little bit funny about this “failure”. We know that Roger already had Toki and Kozuki Oden on the journey to Laughtale. Toki, however, is not from the “present” age but was born 800 years ago. He is able to travel through time.

Roger arriving at Laugh Tale to quickly, and Toki with his team, it is not surprising that Toki did not send Roger’s squad to the future to meet the mermaid. Sharley’s prediction was that the new Mermaid would be born 10 years after Roger last visited the Ryugu Kingdom. This is why Wano has always been so important and complex.

Oden is trying desperately to open up the border his family has been maintaining for hundreds upon years. According to information available, the Wano border was closed to allow new powers to enter. Time travel is not the solution to this problem. Only action can solve this problem.

Roger didn’t have the time. Roger did not have the time to wait another 10 years until Poseidon was created. Roger is limited in his time, even if he can time travel to 10 more years. Toki’s strength allows Roger to do this. He was unable to live long due to an illness.

Oden’s dream of opening the Wano frontier to the public, the journey to Laughtale, and the subsequent process must have taken a long time. Kozuki Odden was unwilling to accept assistance from outside. This led to another question. Roger didn’t have a lot of time. So why didn’t Roger’s crew follow his determination and desire to be a captain?

Why doesn’t Joy Boy time travelers get involved in opening Wano to the world and achieving his goals? The answer is simple: there is no “D”, among the crew. It is possible that only descendants of the “D” clan can interact or contact One Piece.

It’s likely that Shanks never wanted to go to Laughtale and gave up everything to Luffy. Shanks believed the same in Luffy as he believed his captain. Shanks believes Luffy will bring big changes. He is the D-clan figure that will be able gain the power, or whatever, from One Piece.

Luffy was actually born right at the correct time. This is also where Poseidon was born. It was only a matter ot Luffy found the one piece he needed and made Joy Boy proud. Geeks, let’s just enjoy Luffy’s adventures in finding that one piece.


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