Prime Hydration… Prime Hydration… Prime Hydration..!! This is all we have been hearing since the send off of this sports refreshment. This caffeinated drink was effective in doing what no other beverage could do; in not more than minutes of its send off, it turned into all the rage. Presently everybody needs to know the Cost Price of Prime Hydration, Prime Hydration’s Flavors, Prime Hydration’s creation, Prime Hydration’s nourishment esteem, in short everything under the sun about it.

Those opponent turned colleagues knew precisely exact thing they were doing when they held hands for this undertaking. Their underlying declaration of THE FINAL CHAPTER prodded the crowd, making the publicity about What planned to occur? Then their cooperative arrival of the Prime Hydration on 4 January made a buzz among their fanbase. Also, presently again on 8 January, their authority send off of Prime Hydration online got everyone’s attention when it was sold out in 4 hours or less.

4 Hours..!! Yess, you heard it right. The entire stock online was reserved in no time. Indeed, even Ralph’s store was exhausted inside a couple of hours. Individuals are dashing to book their spaces and get their hands on this extreme beverage Prime Hydration. Likewise, new data about Prime Hydration’s Flavors, its expense, and organization are currently made accessible. So we should get to this multitude of realities

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Arrival Of Prime Hydration On DrinkPrime

However the declaration of Prime hydration’s delivery was made on 4 January 2022 through an Instagram live. The Prime Hydration drink was authoritatively sent off on its true site DrinkPrime on 4 January 2022 at 11 AM PST and because of the endless orders, the stock was done in 4 hours or less. Presently, the site is showing SOLD OUT.

You need to hang tight for restocking for quite a while, to get your openings booked.

Likewise, look at it To know How to purchase Prime Hydration?

At long last! Prime Hydration Released In UK. Look at Where To Buy Prime Hydration In UK?

Prime Hydration Drink Stock Updates-| When Will Prime Hydration Drink Be Restocked?

At present, the entire supply of 3 million Prime Hydration Bottles is done and every one of the spaces are reserved. However, the colleagues have reported that they will be back soon with considerably greater stock.

You can check and Book your Prime Drink spaces on their authority site DrinkPrime.

We will refresh you will the restocking and any further reports with respect to Prime Hydration Drink stocks.

*Update-22 Jan 2022

Ksi and Logan are back with one more load of Prime Hydration Drink. Today, Prime Hydration Drink is being delivered in 4500 Walmarts across America. So go to the Walmart close to you to get your fill of Prime Hydration Drink Beverage. You can look for Walmart close to me to check assuming it is accessible in that specific Walmart store.

However Prime Drink is as yet sold out on their authority DrinkPrime site yet the news is they’ll be before long restocked.

Prime Hydration drink Stocks

Prime Hydration’s Flavours..!! | What Are the Flavors of Prime Hydration by KSI And Logan Paul?

Ofcourse, you need to have a ton of familiarity with the improving kinds of Prime hydration accessible before you could make your pick. So let me let you know there are 5 inviting fruity kinds of Prime Hydration.

Tropical Punch

Blue Raspberry



Lemon Lime

All things considered, I could recommend purchasing every one of them no less than once, and choose for yourself which flavor you love the most??

Want to realize Which Flavor is awesome? Look at Prime Hydration Flavors: Ranked | Which Flavor Is The Best?

What Is The Price Of Prime Hydration Drink by Logan Paul and KSI?

Since everybody is continuing endlessly about this drink you should be considering what is the cost of the Prime Hydration drink. Is it reasonable? Or on the other hand these two main adversary have recently overdone it

All things considered, the Prime Hydration drink is accessible in the store at the expense cost of $29.99 per 12pk ( or $30 to be round of ). Each container contains 16.9 FL OZ of fluid (500ml). Regardless of various flavors-the Prime Hydration bottle costs $29.

Prime Hydration

Drink Flavor Price (1 Pack) Price (2 Packs)

Tropical Punch $29.99 $59.98

Blue Raspberry $29.99 $59.98

Orange $29.99 $59.98

Grape $29.99 $59.98

Lemon Lime $29.99 $59.98

The absolute expense of 1 entire pack of each flavor-$149.95.

Arrangement Of Prime Hydration Drink

Logan declared that this thought for the Prime Hydration drinks was fermented during his boxing arrangements with Floyd Mayweather. Since he drank this refreshment all through his instructional course paving the way to his session with Mayweather, everybody is interested to be aware of the sythesis and sustenance worth of the Prime Hydration drink.

Arrangement of Prime Hydration

We definitely realized the beverage contained some proportion of Coconut water, yet the rest viewpoints were kept a secret. However, at last, we have uncovered the real factors exhaustively. Prime Hydration drink contains 10% coconut water, 825g electrolytes, 250mg BCAA, vitamin B, and cancer prevention agents.

It is a games Hydration drink whose fundamental object is to give hydration and moment energy. For that reason the great hydration drink is sans sugar as well as without gluten. On the correlative element, the beverage’s taste is heavenly and flavorsome.

Likewise, read to realize In which stores Prime Hydration is accessible?

Prime Hydration Drink Ingredients

Elements of Prime Hydration sports drink-

Separated Water

Coconut Water from Concentrate

Citrus extract

Dipotassium Phosphate

Regular Flavor

Trimagnesium Citrate

Vegetable Juice for Color

Sucralose, Beta Carotene for Color

d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E)

Acesulfame Potassium




Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)

Zinc Aspartate

Prime Hydration Drink Nutrition Value

Nourishment Facts and Nutrition Value of Prime Hydration Sports drink-

Prime Hydration drink fixings and nourishment esteem

Surveys Of The Prime Hydration Drink

The difficult work and cash of these two impacting YouTubers isn’t put to squander as the beverage is adored by the crowd. The fans are showering their help and examination in overflow. Twitter particularly has been overflowed with various tweets. You could say, the reaction is shockingly better than KSI and Logan Paul envisioned.

One client expressed “I drank and I won’t drink anything more once more. It’s the tea for my morning, the water for my day to day hydration, the hot cocoa for my night, the Pepsi for my cheap food. I have tracked down the ideal beverage”.

The Twitter handles DrinkPrime (@PrimeHydrate) and DrinkPrime UK (@PrimeHydrateUK) as of now has acquired a huge number of devotees expanding by each second

Fans are additionally having their reasonable part of satisfaction with Prime Hydrations discharge

Wrapping Up

So that is everything that has been refreshed till now about KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration drink. Credit to you, If you figured out how to get your orders set up for the absolute first stock. However, if some way or another you couldn’t – don’t be frustrated, soon they will be restocked with considerably greater amount. Furthermore, as guaranteed, we’ll be there to refresh you with all the most recent data.

Previously, you leave, do give us your own audits on Was the Prime Hydration Drink worth the Hype?

Au Revoir. Keep hydrated!


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