Can the Quantum Leap’s series reboot after 30 years of being popular be as successful as the original?

After more than 30 year since Quantum Leap TV’s original series aired, NBC has finally launched its reboot of the series. It is a mixture of comedy and adventure science-fiction.

Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula was a huge success for five seasons. The controversial 1993 finale was controversial. The new series is meant to preserve the original’s spirit and story while simultaneously advancing technology and addressing modern-day concerns.

The plot of this series

Each episode of Quantum Leap’s original series began in the same fashion. Dr Sam Beckett, played by Scott Bakula, was awake when he saw the mirror and said, “Oh my god!” after realizing that he was now in another person’s body and in the past. Quantum Leap’s story is that Sam became frustrated at the inability to show time travelling. He decided to jump into the “quantum booster” realm to test it. The experiment worked, and he survived!

Sam could “jump” into the bodies of the past and was capable of time travel. Although he looked normal to his friend and guide Admiral Al Calavicci and to himself, he had no choice but to “jump” into another person’s body until he made amends for his past mistakes.

Al shared the most important details of each episode with his Ziggy, his pocket computer. Sam’s generosity and honesty allowed him to leap into another body. The show was canceled due to controversy and Dr Sam Beckett never went back to his former life.

In the pilot episode of the reboot, Dr Ben Song (Raymond Lee), an aspiring scientist, is able to start his Quantum Leap Project. He also attempts to comprehend the machine left behind by Dr Beckett. When he makes a leap to the past, he is stunned. Addison Augustine, played by Caitlin Bassett, starts talking to her hologram. This is similar to Dean Stockwell’s original connection back to his future.

The new season of Quantum Leap (Episode 1) will air on September 19, 2022. At the moment, only 4 episodes are available. The likelihood is that new episodes will be released every Monday.

Who is the Quantum Leap (2022?) cast?

The main difference between the reboot and initial Quantum Leap was that the new show will only present the present period. The only characters who were seen in the first series were Bakulaand Stockwell. The entire show was set in the past.

The reboot will however show more of the high-tech environment that Dr Song left behind. Raymond Lee plays Dr Ben Song who is a highly qualified quantum physicist and whose curiosity drives him towards the quantum leap.

Herbert “Magic”, Williams, the Quantum Leap Project head, is always in a struggle between Ben’s support and his team’s approval and the satisfaction of his superiors. Ernie Hudson played Williams. He is most famous for his performance as Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters.

NanrisaLe Jenn Chow is a quirky, but powerful digital security expert charged to find out why Ben took the leap.

Caitlin bassett shows Army veteran Ben. Addison Augustine serves as his sole contact.


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