(IANS) Samsung Electronics is increasing its research and development in metaverse-related technology in order to develop its own growth engines, and join the growing list of international tech companies that are investing big in the emerging field.

Samsung Vice-Chairman Han Jong Hee has addressed the issue with several employees. Han also reaffirmed Samsung’s plans to release “Samsung’s version of the metaverse,” according to sources.

“We will develop Samsung’s metaverse. Come up with lots of ideas and assist in bringing them to life,” Han was quoted by the Yonhap news agency.

It wasn’t the only time that the company’s top executive suggested the need to look into the newest technology that was viewed as the next major thing in the technology sector.

Facebook officialy changed its brand name Meta in November. They believe the metaverse to be “the next evolution of social connection,” with plans to invest $10 billion into the latest technology.

Han picked the metaverse and robotics as its growth areas for the annual shareholder’s meeting.

“We will launch metaverse devices and solutions to enable customers to experience the new technology wherever they are,” he announced at the time.

Han also made similar comments at the 2022 MWC which took place in Barcelona, Spain, in February.

Samsung the world’s biggest memory smartphone maker and chip manufacturer recently established an task force devoted to this subject. It is accountable directly to Han and is working on virtual reality headsets with the Galaxy name, as the company’s first product that is related to the metaverse.

Samsung Research, the R&D center of the company’s Device Experience (DX) unit is currently investigating “the next-generation display technologies and device prototypes,” as and various scenarios for utilisation according to Samsung Research.

Samsung has also utilized the metaverse to market and for entertainment purposes.

The company has created its own virtual shop, Samsung 837X. This is the recreation of its actual iconic New York store, on the blockchain-powered virtual realm Decentraland to show off its latest model, the Galaxy S22 series.


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