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“If water is your only source of water, then you must think about those who are without it.” The human water shortage will rise to 40% by 2030 if no action is taken. Some cities and counties in Taiwan have recently raised water shortage alerts. The Meiji has seen a greater need to conserve water. This article summarises the recommendations of provincial water experts. It also shares family water saving strategies and helps readers live an environmentally-friendly life.

Stop leaking your purse and stop losing blood

Everybody thinks about water conservation. It is essential to prevent water leakage.

Leakage can be described as leaking money. The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan’s Water Resources Department listed water leaks common at home. These problems must be treated immediately once they are discovered.


The water is constantly dripping from the faucet because it doesn’t close tightly.

. The wall, ceiling or underground are covered in moisture.

. The water in the bathroom keeps shaking or is not able to stop.

The 2 following situations indicate that the toilet may be leaking:

Situation 1. Situation 1.

Situation 2. Situation 2.

2 tips to conserve water

Water conservation can be viewed from two perspectives: ” water recycling” or ” water reduction“.

1. Water recycling and reuse are two ways to make your life more environmentally-friendly and green.

How do you get water recycling? It is possible to recycle clean water and make it usable in everyday life. E.g:

To wash fruits, vegetables, and dishes, you should collect the cold water first before the hot water comes out.

Rinse the dishes with rice or noodle liquid.

Rice washing water can also be used to water plants or shampoo hair. Recommended reading: Three types of “natural shampoos”, to reduce hair loss and improve gray hair.

You can collect recyclable water and use it for secondary domestic water. This includes bath water (large or in-line washbasin), shower water (large washbasin), and laundry water.

2. Reduce water usage

The term “reducing water use” refers to the reduction of water usage by changing water-use habits and frequency.

The top three water-consuming activities in household life include washing the dishes, flushing the toilet and bathing. These are the three most important aspects of water consumption.

Install water saving equipment: The Water Resources Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and the National Environmental Protection Agency of the United States support the installation of the provincial watermark. People can save lots of water by installing these products and don’t have to change their water consumption habits. Taiwanese residents might want to prioritise water-saving products like toilets, washing machine, shower heads and faucets. The long-term benefits of water-saving products are significant:

Water-saving toilets include urinals; flushers; washing machines; shower heads; faucets; water-saving equipment accessories. Please visit the Water Resources Department official website for more details and watch the video introduction of Water Saving Equipment.

U.S. Products Affixed with Watersense:

. Household sanitation equipment: faucet, toilet, showerhead, faucet, cation-exchange water softener.

. Flower garden watering services: soil moisture controller, landscape watering sprinkler that is adjusted to the weather.

. Both commercial and public water equipment.

Please visit the official website to learn more about our products.

Use to flush the toilet.


Baking soda powder is a better choice than detergent for cleaning the toilet. The former has a high level of detergency, is difficult to maintain, and saves water. You can spray the toilet’s upper edges with baking soda solvent. Then rinse the toilet with the circulating water.

Clean clothes: You can abandon the standard laundry routine and instead use “appropriate” laundry detergent according to how much laundry you have. You should wait for the washing machine to fill up with 8 minutes before you wash clothes.

Shower: Use soap to replace shower gel. You can also install a handheld showerhead, so you can shower instead of taking a bath. Rinse well. These actions can help save water.

Do you find it difficult to conserve water? Without water, life is harder

Many people find it difficult to conserve water. Without water, it will make life even harder. Water conservation is key to avoiding water cuts. You can save water by changing the water consumption habits of the following households:Is it troublesome to save water? Once the water is cut off, life will be more difficult.

Car Washing: Instead flushing the car with a hose, use buckets or sponges to clean it.

Household Clean : Cleaning your home environment can begin with dust removal. Wet wiping will reduce the amount of wipes required. You can use old clothes to wipe it off and throw it away if necessary. You can also use a cloth that has strong detergency to prevent the need for chemical cleaners.

Clear the dishes

Clean up your dining room after you’re done eating.

When washing dishes, fruits, and vegetables, don’t rinse them under the water tap. Instead, rinse them under the faucet and wash them in the sink.

Wash dishes with a dish cloth that is strong in degreasing.

. Once the dishes have been washed with water, place them in an empty basin. Wash the dishes twice more with running water.

Brush your Teeth: Avoid turning on the tap and rinse your mouth with water. Instead, use a cup of mouthwash to brush your teeth.

Hand washing You can replace it with a water saving valve or tap to regulate the water flow.

Food Defrosting: You don’t need to rinse your food with water. Use a microwave or oven to heat it up.

Home Garden:

. Garden watering. Automatic watering devices in homes are more likely to waste water due to evaporation or wind direction. It is best that you water them according the weather conditions. Avoid watering in strong winds or rain. Avoid unnecessary water loss by not watering in the mornings and evenings when the sun sets weakly.

. Garden soil improvements: To improve water permeability and storage, the Water Resources Department suggests mixing organic soil with better water retainance, adding moisturizing media, or water-retaining polymers (e.g. vermiculite, snakeseed, rice, wood chips, etc.). Water capacity.

United tide over difficult times, hand in water-saving pioneer step

Every household can take water-saving steps. Everyone can become a water saving leader. Changes in water habits can have a significant impact on your home’s water consumption.


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