Business administration is an important aspect of any successful organisation around the world. Effective organisation and management of resources are essential to achieve the goals and objectives of any business. As effective business administration strategies shape the success of any organisation, MBA graduates are in high demand across several industries.

Due to the job prospects and earning potential of a job in the business sector, many students seek MBA admission after completing their B. Com. With their basic knowledge in finance and accounting, B. Com students can opt for several specialisations in MBA such as finance, marketing, operations, logistics, supply chain management, etc.

Let’s take a detailed look at the specialisations that best suit the interests of a B. Com graduate. 

MBA in Finance Management

A finance management degree provides you with the skills and knowledge to manage the financial resources of a business effectively. It teaches you lessons in corporate finance, financial analysis, risk management, accounting, and investment management.

You can find employment in diverse industries with your knowledge of financial matters. Some popular career roles include financial analyst, financial manager, investment banker, portfolio manager, and finance consultant.

MBA in Business Analytics

Business analytics is all about analysing and interpreting data to make informed business decisions. An MBA in business analytics covers topics such as data mining, analysis, data visualisation, statistics, predictive modelling and marketing analytics.

Although the most well-suited career for a graduate in business analytics is to become a business analyst, you can also start working as a consultant, data analyst, marketing research officer, strategic planning specialist, etc.

MBA in Logistics

Logistics management equips you with the skills required to manage the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. Some of the key topics covered in this program include supply chain management, transportation management, logistics strategy, distribution network design, and logistics technology.

Graduates in the Logistics program can opt for jobs in logistics management, transportation management, supply chain management, and industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and government.

MBA in Marketing

Marketing is the key to the success of many businesses and organisations worldwide. An MBA in Marketing is one of the most sought-after postgraduate programs in universities. 

A marketing program provides you with a strong foundation in various marketing principles and techniques which will help you succeed in a dynamic marketplace. Marketing strategy, marketing research, branding, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, product development, and sales management.

An MBA in Marketing opens the door to a wide variety of opportunities such as marketing manager, product manager, digital marketing specialist, brand manager, sales director, and market research analyst. 

MBA in Human Resources

Every organisation has an active human resource department which is concerned with talent acquisition, employee relations, compensation, training, and development, and overall development of an organisation. Pursuing an MBA in HR is the best way to land a job in the human resources industry. 

HR strategy, performance management, employment law, talent management, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion are some of the important lessons you learn during this program.

If you are a B. Com graduate looking to expand your career scope and prospects, check out these MBA programs. 


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