Most married couples will share the same bed once they are married. Separate rooms can be seen as a problem in a marriage relationship. This is due to the culture and traditions of the entire society. British doctors believe that it is healthier for couples to sleep separately.

A web celebrity, Karan Raj, British National Health Service doctor, uses short videos to share medical knowledge or treatment options. This is quite popular with netizens.

Raj, a filmmaker, stated that while it seems natural that couples would sleep in the same bedroom, the quality of their sleep will be greatly affected by two people sharing the same place. This is bad for your health. He suggested that couples try a “sleep divorce” approach.

The short film reveals that he said simply: “You should never sleep with anyone else.” You will not be able to get deep sleep if another person is sleeping.

He explained, “Not all people’s sleep cycles.. (Sleepcycle) can be the same for two people at once to sleep.. Can cause one or more long-term absences of sleep.”

He also stated that both sleeping in the same mattress will increase body temperatures, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

He said, “One key to your ability to fall asleep is the decreasing of your core body heat.” If you share a bed with someone, your body heat will increase which can make it more difficult to fall asleep.

Raj’s comments were met with approval by some netizens who said: “Excuse moi, can you normalize this?” I love my husband but hate sleeping with him. He doesn’t like the idea. “

Another netizen shared the following: “My husband has his own bedroom. After 31 years of marriage, finally we have the best sleeping environment.


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