the day for your child

Friendship day is on its way and your child might have been excited about it now. But celebrating this day as a child might seem fine but it is also difficult because gathering friends and taking permission are all part of the process. Especially because friendship day happens to be Sunday which is no school day and on weekends it is difficult to meet friends. But you can help your child in making this process. 

Gather the friends

Starting the preparation for the celebration of friendship day is by gathering all the friends in one place. It is probably the initial task on which all of your plans and further planning will be spent. For this, you will need to coordinate with other parents. You can also do it yourself if the number of friends is less in number or if some friends are nearby and you can easily drop them off. So start calling and get the answer from all the parents. 

Think of some games and activities

Kids love parties and celebrations. But it is because they get to have fun and not just sit around. If you are someone who has organized a gathering for kids before then you might know of some ideas already. If not, just browse some ideas and pick the easiest one for you. You can organize simple games like chair games, charades, and movie rounds too. There are many animated movies or kids’ movies that are not only popular but fun too. The best you can do is let them decide which one they want to watch. And after completing all the rounds you can distribute friendship day gifts to make it more fun for kids. 

Food should be on top of your list

Okay, you are planning, getting the permission, and organizing a blast but never forget the food. Kids are very picky when it comes to food and you don’t want them to leave your house empty stomach. Cook some easy dishes at home if you can. If not then order pizza, burgers, and some Chinese food and you will be good to go. It is also safe to keep some snacks, wafers, and munchy things for them, especially for the movie round. 

Friendship bands

While some kids are still into friendship bands there are some kids who have no idea of what the day used to be at your time. You can bring some fancy and fun friendship bands with different pictures or cartoons which will amuse the kids. They will all tie each other’s bands as a token of their friendship. It will give you nostalgia as well. Pick colorful bands and solid bands for all kinds of kids. They have different choices so they should not be disheartened from your house. 

Songs and jingles 

Kids love music and there are many jingles that rhyme all the time. If you know some of those then you can ask them to perform some of those jingles in front of all. If not they can sing together as well which won’t make anyone nervous. You can first play the popular ones which everyone can sing and then go into individual favorites so all of them get what they like. 

Ask them to do the chores in a group

If you want to let go of some of your burdens then we have an idea that will do two wonders. Ask the kids to help you. This will not only finish your work faster but also will make kids learn a few lessons on life skills. You can ask them to do this as a task and make it a group activity to make it more fun. They can learn how to work in groups as well as coordinate and take help. 

Wrapping Up

This was our guide to planning a fun friendship day celebration for our kid. You don’t have to worry much about it. Just go with the flow. Don’t panic and pick only the things you can manage. It will all go by very easily. Don’t try to push any limits and don’t hesitate to take help from other parents who are willing to help. With this, your task will get easier and your ideas and opportunities will also expand. 


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