Smartwatch for Men
Smartwatch for Men

A New Phenomenon or a Passing Fad?

When the Apple Watch burst onto the market, Apple needed to be 100 percent sure about its identity. Was it for health or connectivity? Initially, the market wasn’t sure, but over time, Apple evolved to focus on being a fitness and health tracker more than anything else. However, recent releases have come with way more connectivity features, so now there’s something for everyone in these powerful little machines. 

The market is awash with smartwatches with all kinds of exercise and health options, advanced connectivity, new screen sizes, keyboards, emailing, social media and more. 

The technology crammed into these small devices is groundbreaking and can help make considerable lifestyle changes. In this article, we will look at why the Apple Watch is still at the top of the market for smartwatches, so let’s get into it.

10 Reasons why Apple Watch is the Best Smartwatch for Men

1. It’s much more than just a watch

With the increase in the use of smartphones people have moved away from watches as they have the time on their phones or even tablet. But many just like the feel of wearing a watch or for its fashion status.  

But with a smartwatch, you have a portable computer with connectivity capable of helping you make dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes throughout your day while being connected like you would be with your other devices. 

2. A faithful travel companion

Apple smartwatches give you different indicators through vibrations on your wrist; these can be directional when travelling. Plus, they have the equivalent of Google Maps on a smaller screen.

They work in the same way as if you were looking at a smartphone following verbal and map guides, but instead, it’s done on your wrist. So time to take the plunge and try a smartwatch; it’s even simpler. 

3. They help you to find your iPhone

We have all had one of those mornings in a mad rush, and we’ve forgotten our phone. Well, an Apple smartwatch can be your saviour in this situation. You will likely have hooked up the feature that allows the phone to ring through to your watch (especially useful when exercising), but you will probably have a ‘Find Phone’ feature too.

If you have lost your phone, you can use your watch to help locate the phone within a few seconds. 

4. The perfect fitness tracker

Apple moved on from the first smartwatch to really focus on their Apple watches, helping people’s lifestyles with fitness being the primary focus. 

Now the advanced fitness tracking systems will help you achieve your goals.

With the latest version having a display that shows up to six metrics at one time and is water-resistant to 100m and depth gauge and temperature tracking down to 40m, these watches are your training companion on the ground and in the water. 

5. Take calls and instant message

When wearing your smartwatch, you do not need to reach for your phone. Calls and messages are efficiently conducted through your watch. 

These features come in handy when you are in a meeting or exercising, as some come with voice support, and you can communicate with them. They are less advanced than replacing your smartphone, but they can perform specific tasks when a phone is inconvenient. 

6. Social media notifications

Once you are a user of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat, Tik Tok and so on, you will be getting frequent notifications throughout the day every day. And as always, we take our phone to check where the notification has come from.

Well, now you can manage these using your smartwatch. Connectivity is as essential as lifestyle features on some of the watches now, so you’ll never feel like you missing out on anything.

Twitter is also a feature on Apple, so you have all the major social media outlets covered from your wrist. 

7. Connect with your phone longer

The latest Apple smartwatches have incredible battery power.

The Apple Watch Ultra GPS, for example, now boasts an incredible:

  • Up to 36 hours of regular use
  • Up to 60 hours on the ‘Low Power’ setting

These are why scuba divers, marathon runners, climbers, hikers and campers are turning to them. They provide reliability in arduous terrain but have more power than most smartphones and tablets on the market.

8. Customisation

Interchangeable faces are popular among smartwatch owners.

Now you can choose a design, adjust to different colours and features, and add it to your collection. 

Also, by using the Apple Watch app go to the Face Gallery, and you can customise the face from there. It’s all about what you feel comfortable with, both in colours and visibility, depending on what you mainly use it for. So you can switch faces to get the best timekeeping or visual tools you require. 

You can also build your own collection through the app store and make them interchangeable for whatever situation you are in. 

9. Entertainment

You may be using an ordinary watch that shows time and cannot provide any other entertainment. 

The new ranges give you access to videos and music while you are on the move. Even though it’s a small screen, if it’s a business presentation, it’s still useful, especially if you are on the treadmill, you are still working! 

You can watch YouTube videos live in just a couple of clicks.

10. Security

Smartwatches are especially helpful for security purposes. This is why many parents are buying them for their children and their parents, as not only are you able to remotely monitor all their vital signs, but they have a solid built-in GPS and tracker.  

Coupled with the mapping system, it can also help you if you are lost and need directions, so overall, these work for almost everyone of every age group.   


Apple will keep pushing the boundaries with their smartwatches, and with each new version comes new gadgets, better connectivity, deeper water resistance and extra features for different exercise disciplines. But for someone looking for more than a watch, they are a must! It will be exciting and interesting to see just how far each new edition of the Apple Watch will bring to the market. 


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