Swimsuit Bottom is the main spot you ought to be this Christmas. Any thinks about why? Above all else, it’s Christmas and you need to invest all your energy in the jolliest spot in this world. Also, there’s nobody who can make you snicker better compared to SpongeBob and Patrick. That is the reason you should watch the Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes.

Be it a Snowball battle, giving everybody treats, and in any event, restoring everybody from Jerktonium, each episode will make you laugh. Besides the experience is all to request this Christmas. Sit with your entire family and appreciate watching SpongeBob.

You can likewise watch other Christmas motion pictures and shows on Netflix. Notwithstanding, you can never need to same tomfoolery. See how SpongeBob saves his Bikini Bottom and prepares everybody for Christmas. We should not keep you pausing. Immediately go over the very best Christmas SpongeBob episodes.

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Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes Every Kid Should Watch

We have figured out every one of the episodes in view of IMDb appraisals, in any case, the keep going one on the rundown is my undisputed top choice. In spite of the evaluations, these best Christmas SpongeBob episodes are a must-watch this Christmas season. You will be engaged and there’s not even a shadow of a doubt.

1. The Snowball Effect | Season 3 Episode 5

The Snowball episode is the most noteworthy evaluated Christmas SpongeBob episode. Two-piece Bottom is canvassed in snow as an icy mass has crashed above it. While many could have been concerned, however SpongeBob and Patrick, similar to without fail, make the best out of the circumstance.

The companions have a snowball battle and some way or another Squidward reaches out. The little man likewise battles with SpongeBob and Patrick and afterward after some time, he understands that he’s partaking in the battle a seriously little to an extreme. Causing us to appreciate with them much more.

IMDb Rating-9.2

2. Christmas Who? | Season 2 Episode 8

7 Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes | Mr. SquarePants and His Adventures

In the eighth episode of season 2, you will see Sandy enriching the tree for Christmas. It comes as a shock for Patrick and SpongeBob. Before this, they have heard nothing about Christmas.

Sandy lets them know anything and afterward SpongeBob and Patrick tell everybody in Bikini Bottom about it. Children can gain some significant knowledge about Christmas in this episode and that is one reason why it is among the best Christmas SpongeBob episodes.

IMDb Rating-8.8

3. Endurance Of The Idiots | Season 2 Episode 13

With an extremely interesting episode name, “Endurance Of The Idiots” is likewise among the very best Christmas SpongeBob episodes. To the surprise of no one, SpongeBob and Patrick are on their experience and visit Sandy’s home. Notwithstanding, they get paralyzed in the wake of seeing a “Keep Out” sign at the entryway.

Some way or another, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak in and track down Sandy in profound rest. After some examination, they understand it’s really not Sandy, however a goliath mean squirrel. What occurs straightaway? I suppose you would need to watch the episode to find out.

IMDb Rating-8.8

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4. New Digs/Krabs A La Mode | Season 5 Episode 5

7 Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes | Mr. SquarePants and His Adventures

The following undertakings lead us to the following best Christmas SpongeBob episode. Mr. Krabs is firm on his choice to not turn the intensity up in the Krusty Krab. Do you have any idea about why? Every last bit of it is on the grounds that Mr. Krabs thinks turning the intensity up is excessively costly for him. So he will preferably have everybody stick to death over paying a minimal expenditure.

In addition, Krusty Krab is transformed into an ice arena and individuals are utilizing skates on the floor. As entertaining it tends to be, Plankton bounces in and makes the episode significantly more humorous than it was previously.

IMDb Rating-8.1

5. Tiny fish’s Old Chum | Season 12 Episode 24

Tiny fish attempts to play brilliant jeans in the “Tiny fish’s Old Chum” episode. He makes a phony occasion just to get all his old pal out. Thus, Plankton persuades SpongeBob that it’s the authority “Mate Day”, individuals celebrate it very much like Christmas and you need to present your pal to your companions on this day.

SpongeBob then, at that point, gets the message out around and soon the entire Bikini Bottom is loaded up with foulness. As the wellbeing examiner races to research, Plankton is the one to be accused. In general it’s a truly fun Christmas SpongeBob episode to watch.

IMDb Rating-7.8

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6. Frozen Face-Off | Season 8 Episode 4

“Froze Face-Off” is a very engaging SpongeBob episode to watch on Christmas. There is a sled rivalry in Bikini Bottom and the victor gets $1 million. Obviously, everybody will be more than anxious to take an interest and win the award cash.

Here comes the interesting part, Squidward has picked a worm to ride his sled, Patrick has picked a lot of sticky worms and SpongeBob is driven by Gary. You definitely know about the way things will turn. While everybody is occupied with the opposition, Plankton attempts to take the notorious Krabby Patty recipe.

IMDb Rating-7.4

7. It’s A SpongeBob Christmas! | Season 8 Episode 23

“It’s A SpongeBob Christmas” is longer than all of the other Christmas SpongeBob episodes. In Bikini Bottom, everyone is amped up for Christmas. Notwithstanding, somebody needs to play fiendish there. Any estimates? Tiny fish it is! Tiny fish chooses to blend Jerktonium in nut cake and any individual who eats it transforms into an outright jerk.

At the point when SpongeBob figures out that main him isn’t impacted by Jerktonium, and why, he gets everybody in their generosity again to observe Christmas.

IMDb Rating-7.2

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Wrapping Up

SpongeBob is the universally adored animation series, truth be told, it has forever been more than that. From occasion specials to fun rivalries, SpongeBob has everything. If you have any desire to pick a series to watch this Christmas season, then, at that point, don’t miss SpongeBob SquarePants by any opportunity.

These seven best Christmas SpongeBob episodes will provide you with the specific portion of chuckling you want on Christmas. Watch them with your entire family and let us know how it went.

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