The International Classification of Diseases contains such a disease as gambling addiction (”addiction to games”). This problem should be taken as seriously as drug addiction, nicotine addiction, alcoholism. The medical community says that treatment of gambling addiction is more complicated than other illnesses and each patient should be treated as an individual with a personalized treatment and rehabilitation program. If all online casino visitors played free slots 777, the problem could be avoided. 

The Essence of the Problem

During the free slots game, the online casino client does not risk his personal capital. In a losing situation, credits issued by the institution are written off, not real money. Serious play leads to the fact that particularly addicted gamblers can lose a fortune. In principle, this leads to the fact that relatives begin to “ring the bell”, worrying about the further financial well-being of the player. 

Excessive passion for gambling requires the gambler to spend considerable time – instead of spending time with his family, he increasingly opens a casino website to spend the whole day in the company of slot machines. Of course, this way of life negatively affects his family ties and relationships with friends who do not share his hobbies. 

Factors that Determine the Game Addiction

Experts stand out several aspects that may determine the predisposition of a casino visitor to gaming addiction:

  • Heredity.
  • The surrounding atmosphere.
  • Features of the educational process.

Gambling addiction often manifests itself in adolescence. Even if a teenager’s family did not include gamblers, but he constantly revolves in an environment where people play cards and other games for money, a little time will pass and he will become addicted to gambling. The young, psychosomatic immature body will not be able to resist the temptation of gambling. In this situation, parents should do everything possible to prevent the problem. 

However, not all fans of gambling become addicts. According to medical statistics, about 10-15% of the visitors to the clubs have a gambling addiction. The rest of the target audience is gamblers, who can relax in a casino today and tomorrow go back to normal life, without slot machines, roulette and poker. 

Hereditary Gambling Addiction – Real-Life Examples

According to psychotherapists, hereditary addiction is the most difficult variant of all existing. It is difficult to be corrected, a person cannot cope with addiction, and only professional treatment can lead to a positive result. In the future the person needs to adhere to certain rules, for example, to avoid companies where gambling is practiced. 

Ivan, 23 years old

After 18 years old I started actively betting at online casinos. Maybe I never would have played, but I was forced by the financial issue. My mother worked two jobs and I did not know my father. I had no place to wait for help. I decided to give it a try. At first I was lucky, earning a few hundred dollars. Then I mostly lost, so I had to borrow money from friends to put it back into the casino. As a result, huge debts. When my mom found out I had lost thousands of dollars, she was shocked. It was only after that she told me that she left my father only because he spent all his time in the gambling halls. 

Gleb, 38 years

My story is banal, but only differs from the many stories of gamblers that I have a hereditary addiction to gambling. Once upon a time I heard from my grandmother that my father was killed on the train, because he did not come to terms with the fact that he lost playing cards. When I grew up, I got ” hooked” on poker – I played in shady clubs. When I started to lose often, for some reason I remembered the story about my father. I consulted with my wife and we both decided that I should give up the game. I did not want to repeat my father’s fate. For three years I haven’t gambled at all. 

Angelica, 19 years old

I am a hereditary gambler. I am not ashamed to talk about it, I think my story can be instructive for others like me who are addicted to games. At first, I played cards with my friends in the yard – I was terribly interested in winning money. After adulthood I registered on the site of online casinos. Everything was good, but apparently luck turned away from me – I lost a lot of money. Later I heard from my mother that she also had a gambling problem at one time. We decided to go to a specialist, and now for a couple of months do not sit down at the computer in order to open a casino site. 

Dan, 31 years old

I heard a lot of creepy stories from friends about how people can’t deny themselves the pleasure of playing slot machines. I thought that they were just horror stories, but as fate would have it, I became a gambling addict, too. I regularly went to an underground club and lost money in the machines. Within a year I lost almost everything I had saved up. It turned out that I was not allowed to gamble at all – my grandfather was an avid card player. But I only found this out when I was about to go to a psychologist: my grandmother told me how her husband couldn’t live a day without cards. 

Max, 39 years old  

Until the time I was a successful bettor – I used to bet on sports. But one day I tried slot machines, and everything spun, but unfortunately, not in my favor. I lost a lot of money. Thanks to my brother for stopping me in time, otherwise I would have lost my apartment – I took a small loan secured against my car. He is much older than me, and once he said that he had been in this situation himself. It turns out that I am a hereditary gambler.

Ekaterina, 52 years old

I want to share my problem. I have a family emergency – my husband and son play in the casino. They lost what they earned. I tried at least my son to talk him out of the game, but no way – my words have no effect on him. It turns out the son picked up from my husband’s passion for gambling. 

Mikhail, 29 years old

When I was a kid, I was fond of computer games. It seemed like a harmless hobby, but then I decided to try playing casino games. It did not work out. Now I found out that my sister bets at the casino, and she loses a lot. Maybe we are hereditary gamblers? I don’t want to scare anyone, but the problem must be eradicated, as the saying goes, “in the bud”.


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