Planning a wedding is an overwhelming and exhausting task, especially for brides to be! From venues and outfits to catering and jewelry, there seems to be an endless list of things to account for well in advance. To help modern brides plan their wedding day better, we have put together an (almost) all-encompassing list of things that you can add to your shopping list and start preparing well ahead of the most special day of your life.

  1. First Things First – The Outfit

Everything else can wait, ladies! The first and perhaps the most important things for you on your wedding day are going to be your own wedding dress and accessories. This includes your bridal gown, veil or headpiece, footwear, and jewelry. 

You can either choose your attire and then look for wedding jewelry that complements it or vice versa. At A.JAFFE, we get a lot of brides-to-be asking us what comes first. Well, it is like the chicken and egg problem, but we let you take that call. Some people think it is best to first find that “perfect” wedding ring and then go about hunting for the ideal wedding dress and other accessories. If that is something you have on your mind, too, look no further. 

Whether you are here to find the perfect pave halo engagement ring to symbolize your love or an equally (if not more) dazzling wedding ring to match it, our catalog has a wide variety of options for you. You are highly likely to find your perfect match with our pave engagement ring selection. And if you can’t find something you like, you can also get your engagement or wedding ring customized from us! From classic solitaires and vintage art deco rings to contemporary bezel-set diamond rings and three-stone engagement rings, our selection includes the entire length and breadth of engagement and wedding rings for women.  

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Once you have zeroed-in on the right wedding ring and outfit for yourself, it is time to decide what your bridesmaids are going to wear. Carefully curating their dresses, shoes, jewelry, and accompanying accessories will set the right tone for the evening. 

  1. Can’t Do Without Your Makeup Essentials

All your favourite beauty and grooming products need to be selected and packed smartly for quick and easy accessibility on the wedding day. This includes your makeup items, hair care and hair styling accessories, skincare products, perfume, nail polish, lip gloss, etc. While you might hire a professional to do your makeup on D-day, it is best to be prepared with your own essentials for any last-minute hiccups. 

  1. What’s He Wearing? 

The groom’s attire and accessories are also equally important (even if he doesn’t seem to be anxious about them). While the choices for men’s wedding attires are not as varied as yours, it is important that you find the right tuxedo, shirt, tie or bowtie, cufflinks, wristwatch, and shoes for him, too. After all, the wedding photographer will focus on both of you! 

At A.JAFFE, our collection features some really interesting options for men, including engagement rings as well as wedding bands. 

  1. Wedding Party Gifts 

Yes, you would expect to get a lot of gifts at your wedding, but you also need to account for the gifts you will have to dish out to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, other important guests, and both families. Thank you gifts can go a long way in making your guests feel special and take back a souvenir or token from your wedding – possibly something to remember the day by.  

  1. The Décor Has to Be Perfect 

Right from the centerpieces and tablecloths to the floral arrangements and candles, there is a LOT that goes into getting the décor right. Depending on the venue, you will need to make smart and cost-efficient choices about the type of décor you have in mind. In the madness that ensues once you have set a date for the wedding, you might miss out on accounting for the little but important things. Welcome signs, directional signage, ceremonial items, menus, seating charts, place cards, wedding favors, etc. are classic examples of things that might easily slip out of your mind while planning the wedding. 

  1. Make It a Party to Remember!

While all your guests are coming to bless you and see you walking down the aisle, there is nothing that is more boring to them than a wedding that is any less than a party. Make sure you get the best band or DJ (within your budget) to set the stage on fire during and after the wedding ceremony takes place. You will need to figure out the artists’ stage, their equipment, remuneration, and other things while doing so. Also, make sure you have a dedicated space where you can have your first dance and the same area can also double up as a grand dance floor for everyone to break a leg. 

Apart from these six broad categories, you will also have to plan for a number of miscellaneous items, including emergency kits, snacks, hangers for your wedding dress, boxes to hold the rings until the ceremony takes place, etc. 

While this list is not all-encompassing, we hope we have nudged you in the right direction to set the ball rolling in terms of your wedding prep. It is always best to hire professionals to help you plan your wedding and execute the little things that you might not have at the top of your to-do list. Siblings, parents, cousins, and friends can be of great help when it comes to doing all the last-minute running around and ensuring that everything is in order. If you are a Monica, well, you have got nothing to worry about. However, if you are a Phoebe, you need to start planning real early, girl! 

And for everything bling, you can trust A.JAFFE to take care of your wedding jewelry needs. 

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