This page is intended to provide a brief and informative CHICKVALOR/Alchmeo review. It will help those who have doubts about the authenticity of a company to determine if is reliable or deceptive. Continue reading to learn more. Shop with confidence or beware of fraud. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Domain name:
  • Website Name:CHICKVALOR
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: 442086385417
  • Name and address of the parent company: Meledo Company Limited 4/4a Bloomsbury Square London, United Kingdom WC1A2RP
  • Company number: 1136866
  • All products available on its website: All categories
  • Its website lists the following products: Multifunctional Garden Kneeler & Chair, Vita Classic Keyhole Composting Garden with Hinged Fencing, 5 Tier Vertical Gardener, Intelligent Sterilization Rotating Shoe Cabinet (with trellis), Cordless High-Pressure Washer, Multifunctional Folding Sofa Bed-Rental Sofa-Washable, Multifunctional Folding Cabinet, etc.

Below we have listed a few facts about CHICKVALOR/Alchmeo. These include its pros and cons as well as whether it has received any complaints. This will allow you to learn more about the website.

  • On its website, you can find the Hypertext Transfer protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • The domain name and email address are related.
  • The website provides contact information, including a phone number and an address.
  • Meledo Company Limited, the parent company, has a history of operating similar scam sites such as Tanakale and Foamyfern.
  • The domain name and website name are different. Most scam sites provide a website name that is different from the domain name.
  • This site is similar to many scam sites in that it lists a lot of products for unreasonably low prices.
  • The website does not have a social media icon.
  • The design and content of the websites are similar to those of multiple scam websites.
  • Similar sites have been the subject of many complaints.

Alchmeo is a suspect online store based on the information that has been provided.

We have already discussed the shortcomings of Alchmeo, but your feedback is important to us as we continue to evaluate its reliability and credibility. Please share any information, insight, or personal experience you may have below in the comments section. Your comments will help others make more informed decisions by allowing them to assess the website in a comprehensive manner. We are grateful for your contribution to the discussion, and we eagerly anticipate your thoughts.

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