Learn all about how Amon Gus, a noble blood relative, became a Nazi Party member and went on to become a cruel serial killer .

Did you know that Amon Gus was a fictional character? You may not have known that he was cruel. What do you want to know about Amon Gus’ personal and professional life? In the world game, Amon Gus has been called SUS and Amon Gus. Did you know that Amon Gus is closely related to the Among Us game.

Find out more about Amon Gus, his family, professional and personal life. Learn why he is called Amon Gus German serial killer.

Personal life:

Amon Leopold Gth, a German name, was also spelled and pronounced in English in Amon Gus. He was born in Vienna on 11 December 1908.

Amon was born to an upper-middle-class, middle-class family. Berta Schwendt Göth was his mother and Amon Franz Goth his father. Amon was the sole child of his parents.


Young Amon received a high education and was sent to a Catholic school in Vienna. He later attended Waidhofen An Der Thaya College, an agricultural college.

His parents hoped he would help the family business once he had completed his education.

Marriage between Amon Gus, Serial Killer :

His first marriage to Olga Janauschek only lasted a few short months. He married Anny Geiger, aged 28 when he divorced Olga Janauschek. They had one child, who died in childhood.

Gus is an Anti-Semitic:

He was openly anti-Semitic, and harbored racial hatred for the Jewish people. He joined The Nazi Party in 1925. In May 1931 Gus became a full member # 510764.

Gus became more involved in the various branches of the organization and was made Chancellor, Administrative Leader, Technical Sergeant, and stationed at Katowice.

Brutality at the camps by Amon Ges German Serial Killer :

He made Katowice his priority by establishing a camp where he employed Jews to work as slaves. Many Jews died from malnutrition and overwork under his cruel rule.

Gus made sure that every member was punished if they were found guilty of an offense. The most severe example being the killing of all five members of a team where one person had escaped.

In the last 18 months, it is believed that between 8K-12K people were killed. This is approximately twenty people each day.

Amon Gus German serial killer would spare prisoners from execution.saw that the prisoners were severely whipped for not working hard. Gus shot one man because he was too tall. As he was dying, Gus urinated on the man.


Players of began using the name Amon Gus as a clue to the impostor after they started murdering people without a reason. Many players now use SUS instead of his last name, ‘GUS’ to identify the impostor.

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