American Reality shows are constantly cherished by individuals, particularly when MTV airs them. The ideas are really engaging and the TRPs go as far as possible up when it’s a sentiment themed show. Today, we are here to discuss all the old flames and Are You The One Season 3 Matches. We will likewise cover the audits of the show, plunge into the article cause we are spilling a few beans.

Are You The One is an astonishing TV show that began in 2014 on MTV. The quantity of members was 20 around then. After 2014, we had 8 seasons by 2019. The show was wanted to such an extent that it at times broadcasted two seasons around the same time (2014 and 2017). Last year, Are You The One got selected for an Emmy and that is something extremely colossal for an unscripted TV drama.

In 2020, the initial two times of Are You The One were delivered on Netflix and again the show got advertised as a result of it. The way that the triumphant couple will get 1,000,000 bucks made the show much seriously fascinating. Presently, you should be interested about the Are You The One Season 3 Matches. Stress Not! As we have made a rundown of the relative multitude of couples in the initial three times of the show.

What Is ‘Would you say you are The One’ All About?

Is it safe to say that you are The One Season 3 Matches List | What Did Variety Say?

Are You The One is a reality matchmaking show which was initially circulated on MTV. The couples are matched by the ‘matchmaking calculation’. Youthful singles (young men and young ladies) come to the show to find love and they are subtly matched. While residing in a house with every one of the competitors, they need to see as their “wonderful pair” that has been picked by the makers’ matchmaking calculation.

The initial seven times of Are You The One had every twofold couple. Notwithstanding, in the eighth season, things changed. The matches of any individual could be of any orientation. Isn’t so cool? It’s truly perfect to see some inclusivity on screen at last!

Audits Of Are You The One Season 3

When we said Are You The One? is a pivotal show, we really would not joke about this. It’s very conceivable that you don’t trust us. Alright, reasonable, for the present. Yet, you would accept Variety and The New York Times.

Could you at any point think about the thing they said about Are You The One?


Indeed, Variety said that Are You The One was “Absolutely Revolutionary” and The New York Times’ response was basically equivalent to our own, they expressed, “We’re infatuated”.

We can’t concur more. The show has been really engaging for the beyond 7 years and we are as yet depending on it.

Are You The One Season 1 Matches List

In the Are You the One Season 1 there were three amazing matches toward the finish of the show. Here is the table of all the matches in the principal time of Are You The One.

Female Contestant Male Contestant Result

Amber Ethan Not A Match

Ashleigh John Not A Match

Brittany Joey Not A Match

Coleysia Dillan Perfect Match

Jacy Chris S. Not A Match

Jessica Ryan Not A Match

Kayla Wes Perfect Match

Paige Chris T. Perfect Match

Shanley Adam Not A Match

Simone Dre Not A Match

Are You The One Season 2 Matches List

There wasn’t any Perfect Match in the second time of Are You The One. Couples couldn’t accurately coordinate with their ideal accomplices yet the excursion from the very beginning to the furthest limit of the show.

Female Contestant Male Contestant Result

Alexandria Anthony Not A Match

Ashley Dario Not A Match

Briana Brandon Not A Match

Christina Layton Not A Match

Ellie Nathan Not A Match

Jasmine Alex Not A Match

Jenni John Not A Match

Jessica Garland Not A Match

Paris Pratt Not A Match

Shelby Curtis Not A Match

Tyler Layton Not A Match

Are You The One Season 3 Matches List

At last, here’s the rundown you were searching for. The following are individuals that were Are You The One Season 3 matches. Just two of the couples were “wonderful pairs”. Look at the total rundown underneath

Female Contestant Male Contestant Result

Amanda Alec Not A Match

Britni Austin Not A Match

Chelsey Connor Perfect Match

Cheyenne Tyler Perfect Match

Hannah Hunter Not A Match

Kayla Zak Perfect Match

Kiki Mike Not A Match

Melanie Chuck Not A Match

Rashida Devin Not A Match

Stacey Nelson Not A Match

Wrapping Up

Expounding on one of the most engaging shows on TV was doubtlessly fun. Let us in the remark area know if you preferred the show or not. Do you believe that more seasons should come? Remark beneath your number one contenders.

I trust this Are You The One Season 3 Matches list was good to you. Assuming you loved the article, remember to impart it to your companions. Have an extraordinary day folks!

Much of the time Asked Questions

Where to observe all times of Are You the One?

You can watch the initial two times of Are You The One on Netflix. If you have any desire to observe every one of the seasons then you would require the CBS All Access membership to do as such.

Did MTV drop Are you the one?

Gianna Hammer talked about rapes and medication use while being on the show. Because of this, MTV has eliminated the spilling of the relative multitude of times of Are You The one in the USA.

How phony is would you say you are the one?

Various candidates of Are You The One TV show have affirmed that nobody instructs you. The show isn’t prearranged in any way. You need to make due on the show utilizing every one of your minds and nobody from the creation or makers assist you with anything.

Are any couples still together from Are You the One Season 3?

No, none of the couples from Are You The One Season 3 stayed a couple next to Ethan and Amber Diamond (they are hitched btw). Different couples separated after they escaped the show.

Could it be said that you are the one season 3 What happened to Mike?

Mike was removed from the Are You The One Season 3 due to his forceful way of behaving. His displeasure could have hurt anyone, so the creation eliminated him from the cast.


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