This page is intended to give a complete overview of Astatuky’s online store. Read our Astatuky reviews to find out if is a legitimate, trustworthy company.

  • Domain name: Astatuky .com
  • Website name: Astatuky Discount Center
  • Email: service@deems .top
  • Contact Number:+44 730910545
  • Categories of Products Available on Website: all products
  • The Website Lists the Following Products: Solar Powered LED Patio Umbrellas, Board Game Touchscreen tables – Over 100 Games with WIFI Downloadable Apps and Parent Remote Control, Smart 2in1 go-karts, Children’s Bumper cars, Kids 360 degree rotating power wheels, Portable Outdoors with Sleeping Bags & Thick Mattresses, All-in-One Elevated Tents for Two, etc.

This is an online store that claims to sell the products listed above. There are many things to know about this store before you choose it as your online shopping destination.

The parent company (YTKAY Ltd) has been linked to a number of fraudulent websites including Clearnitudekoy. Vceramsteraip. Olampmostmi. Lstandarditemi. Dkitchenetmi. Tcuspidishkoa. Smigricalaip. Pfewfulbty. This indicates its association with a variety of scams. Its phone number (+44 730910545), and email address [email protected], are also listed on scam websites.

Note that it may change the name of its parent company and its address in future. Many other scam websites have done this.

Astatuky offering products at unreasonably low prices is highly suspect and may indicate that this is a fraudulent site. This is a common tactic that fraudulent websites use to trick unsuspecting consumers. These dishonest practices in pricing are a clear sign that the website cannot be trusted.

Astatuky is similar in theme, content and name to other scam websites. They are clearly trying to fool unsuspecting clients into believing they are legitimate businesses when they are actually engaging in fraud. This is a big red flag.

Astatuky provided fake trust seals logos of McAfee Norton VeriSign etc. At the bottom of their website, they have fake McAfee, and on product detail pages and cart page, there is a McAfee logo that looks like it belongs to Norton. This is a flagrant violation of the trust customers place in this website and shows a complete disregard for their safety and security. This fraudulent website should be avoided at all costs.

Fake social media icons are another sign that the online store is not trustworthy. Astatuky shows a complete lack in interest to build a real relationship with customers by directing them to the social media home pages instead of their business-related social networking pages. This is very concerning and raises questions about the legitimacy and authenticity of this online shop.

Customers who shop at similar online stores are unhappy with the delivery time, customer service, and after-purchase services.

Astatuky can be identified as a fraudulent online store based on the facts above.

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Many new online shops are now claiming to offer huge discounts on a variety of items, but they are all scams. It’s best to avoid the new online shops or to do some research prior to purchasing anything from them. Most of these online stores will not deliver the items purchased to their customers or they may deliver items that are completely different or low quality. Some scam online shops have even charged clients’ credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever made a mistaken purchase from a scam site, you should immediately contact your bank to ensure that your credit card details are protected.


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