While Attack on Titan is in its fourth season and is its last, the manga version has only a few chapters. After the sad death of Hange Zoe the series creator Hajime isayama has kept fans intrigued about what happened next and who was the next victim.

Yesterday’s chapter 135 seems to answer that question. The chapter shows Armin, the successor of Hange becoming the next victim. He was captured and eaten by one of the Titans that preceded him. The next chapter however surprises him.

Armin’s situation is described in Chapter 136 yesterday. It is entitled “Devote Your Hearts.” Armin is “alive,” and the peculiar situation he is in right now makes him realize that it’s not just him. Zeke Jaeger, who also had an experience similar to Armin’s, was also affected. They all are now trapped in the Paths realm.

After their attempt to destroy Eren’s Founding Titan form goes sour, the remaining allied troops – Levi Mikasa Jean Connie Reiner and Jean Mikasa – are forced out of all attacks by Ymir Fritz, who orders the Titans attack and defend them. Whoever attempts to interfere.

Falco’s Winged Titan, however, saved them and brought them safely to safety. But, they discovered that their comrades still remained behind. Pieck Finger is still stuck in the middle battle with Cart Titan’s form, while Armin can’t be found once he has been eaten by one of their predecessor Titans.
Armin’s current condition is unclear. We don’t know if he is actually dead or unconscious. His spirit could see his dead body, which is a sure sign. Armin also knew it was Path, and he began to wonder if this was what was connecting the minds of the entire Eldian population.

Armin saw Zeke’s silhouette in the middle of his frustration. Eren’s older sister was last seen in chapter 122, where Eren betrayed his brother by successfully capturing the power and control of the Founding Titan, then executing his plan to destroy the world through the events of Rumbling. This was “agreed upon” by Ymir Fritz.

Last time the Beast Titan was depicted, he used his throwing abilities against all air attacks that lead to the Titan Eren walls. Ymir Fritz actually controlled all of it. Fans began to doubt Zeke’s existence at that time. Armin and Zeke talked at the end chapter 136. Zeke stated that they had been “eaten” in Ymir.

Mikasa and other allied forces might eventually find Armin’s corpse, but that is up Armin – Zeke – to decide if they want to go back to the Path realm. It is unknown how the two of their escapes from there were possible.


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