This post will update readers about the latest incident with Azam Khan Swati, senator of PTI.

Did you hear about Azam Khan’s recent affair with his wife? Fake and photoshop video clips were used to show them in an offensive scene. People Worldwide were shocked and are now looking for Azam Khan Swati Wife video clip.

We will be discussing the incident and the reasons why this couple has been making headlines for the past few days. We hope you will continue to follow our blog so we can provide more information about the incident.

Video Clip Leaked by Azam Khan

Azam broke down when he claimed that his wife had received a video clip sent by an unknown sender. The couple were shown in an awkward position after the video was sent. Sources claim that the couple were featured in some inappropriate scenes in the video. According to the FIA, the video was fake and photoshopped.

Latest News Viral at Dailymotion

According to the Dailymotion update they claimed that FIA issued a notice stating that the video leaked was fake and that the faces were morphed. They also requested Azam’s permission to investigate the matter. The matter can now be investigated after Azam’s confirmation. This matter is being covered by the news channels in Pakistan and other countries. Azam Swati responded by saying that he was the target of a hateful group and that his opposition wants to defame him, his family and himself. He was shocked by the incident and wept. Imraan Khan, the former Prime Minister condemned torture.

People’s Reactions to TWITTER

This matter was discussed on many social media platforms, including Tweet. Imraan Khan, Pakistan’s former Prime Minster, also tweeted about the matter. He said it was shocking and disgraceful for everyone. CJP should take the case as it is. Many other users shared their opinions on the case. Some users felt that the chief justice seemed helpless in this matter. Everybody supports Azam Khan Swati. This matter has received Worldwide coverage.

Azam Khan Swati is who?

Azam Khan Swati, a Pakistani politician. He is also a politician and a member of the Swati Tribe. His video was recently shared on Reddit and other online sources. He was seen crying and claimed that his wife had sent him a video of their bedroom in which the couple were seen in awkward positions. Born June 22, 1948, the politician and loyalist to the Former PM. He is the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He was previously a member of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam between 2002 and 2011.

Investigation of Leaked Video of Azam

Multiple sources shared the video. The matter remains under investigation. There is no information at this time. The FIA requires approval before it can take any action against the person who uploaded a clip to Telegram or other sources.

Azam was asked by the FIA team to confirm their suspicions so they could begin their investigation. They were a bit more relaxed when they learned that the video was faked and morphed by the FIA. We are still working on more details. Once all details are available, we will notify the readers.

Disclaimer: All details are based online sources.


You can read more about the tragic events that took place with PTI Senator, Azam Khan Swati . The news can be viewed on various channels.

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Azam Khan Swati Wife : Frequently Asked Question

Ans. Ans.

  1. What does Swati mean in his name?

Ans. Swati is the largest land-owing tribe in Battagram and Mansehra.

  1. Why is Azam so prominent in the news today?

Ans. He shared a video where he was seen crying after his wife received a disturbing video of him and an unknown sender.

  1. Was this video leaked to YOUTUBE or other channels?

Ans. Ans. It was privately sent to Azam’s wife.

Ans. Ans.


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