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To get better and more offers, would you consider selling your car online in the United States Many websites promise reliable payments and good value for your car. Not all websites are legit. Many of these websites are phishing sites that take payment information and then engage in frauds.

To verify the authenticity of this website, let’s look at Carwiser Scam in this article.

Carwiser’s legitimacy: was established in the USA on March 15, 2008. It’s fourteen years old and six months, which is a sign of its long-term existence. was last updated on 14 March 2022. This indicates that the site is still in business. However, the registration expires in six months. It will expire on 15 March 2023. has a high trust score of 86% and an above-average business ranking at 75.8%. It also has a low Alexa rank (2,404,024) and a low suspicion score (10%). has not been blacklisted by any of the blacklisting engines. transmits data using a secure and valid HTTPS protocol. Carwiser Review verified that the IP is protected by a valid SSL certificate. This certificate will be valid for the next 243 Days. has 88 fans on Facebook, three on Twitter, 104 followers on Instagram, and four on YouTube.

Jim Arnett (CFO), and Patrick Howell (CEO), are the co-founders of The terms of service and privacy policies are listed on the website.

[email protected] can be used as a business email. The customer service number is (619) 343-37379. supports live chat. The physical address of the office cannot be determined.

Customer Scam Reviews:

1,332 product reviews on have positive ratings and average 4.9/5 stars. These product reviews on don’t have any reliability. Carwiser was rated 4.6/5 stars by eleven customers on Facebook.

Seventeen website reviews about are favorable. Eight videos from are positive. The videos were taken from carwiser pages. These Facebook videos are therefore not reliable. Three YouTube reviews by carwiser are favorable.

There were no reviews on other social media sites, user review websites, website review platforms or the internet.


Carwiser is a website that sells used and old cars. The Carwiser Scam is a rumour. It is partnered with over fifteen reputed service providers in order to get you the best price on your car. It is also supported by The Ramsey Show.

The Carwiser website claims to have sold 39,420 cars and paid $720 millions to individuals. Registering your vehicle takes only three minutes.


Except for negative reviews on quora, there was no evidence that carwiser ran a scam. has gained trust and business rank. The Carwiser Scam news is false. It was also known to have existed for quite some time. Carwiser has received positive reviews.

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