This article contains information about the Cemetery Scandal Link2022. It also tells readers about new facts and updates regarding the video.

Have you seen the latest updates to the Cemetery scandal? Sources claim that a new segment has been released globally, the Pinay Viral scandal cemetery video 2022.

This article contains the latest information regarding the Cemetery Scandal link 2022. Please read the entire article to find the truth about the Cemetery Scandal.

Have there been any updates to the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery’s website?

The internet has made a viral video of a new part of the cemetery scandal. It is called the Pinay Viral Cemetery part 2 because the content is identical to the first. The viral cemetery scandal video, which featured two young couples, gained worldwide attention a few days ago.

Let’s now see if the new video gets the same attention online.

Viral Video Cemeteries Information about the video

Two young lovers are seen in this video making out. The video’s location is unknown and YouTube released the video on 3 November 2022.

Although there are many links that can be found to this video, most will take you to a page or another content that is not related. Let’s now see if the viral cemetery videos can be found on any social media platform.

Is the Cemetery Scanal video 2022 on YouTube?

Although the video’s content is offensive, many social media platforms such as Twitter have removed the video from their sites so that people won’t share it. We also couldn’t find any links to the entire video when we searched.

It is therefore 100% certain that every social media channel has taken down the entire video. The readers could not find any videos that show the complete content. Social media platforms adhered to a strict guideline that stated that authorities would take down any content they found inappropriate or insensitive.

Who is the boy or girl in this video?

It is not known if the couple is the same person as in the cemetery Scandal Link 2022. There is no information online that would reveal their names. It is believed that the couple are from the same Philippine institute.

We will update this article once we have more information about the couple from the video. So that their private lives and those of their families are not affected, the identities of the boy/girl are kept secret.

Do you know of any similar viral videos?

Recent leaks of photos and videos from the women’s volleyball team were similar to the cemetery Scandal Link 2022. They were circulated online via different social media channels, including Reddit and Telegram.

The social media platforms took down most of the links because they contained inappropriate content. Official authorities are trying to find the source.

Social Media Links

Despite the fact that there are no Cemetery Scandal Links 2022videos mentioned in social media platforms due to the content, readers won’t find any on any platform.


We don’t support content such as the leaked video from the cemetery scandal. This article is solely based on trending news and keywords that are related to the viral video.

Final Words

The video is unavailable on any social media platforms. This has led to the involvement of other websites such as torrents in sharing the scandal video 2022. We don’t know if their guardians are aware of this video.

What are your thoughts on the viral video about the Cemetery scandal of 2022? Comment below.

Cemetery Scandal Link FAQs

Q1. Q1.

A: The video was shot at a Philippine cemetery.

Q2. Q2. Are the couple minors?

A: It looks like a couple of School Kids.

Q3. Q3. Does social media have any connection to the video?

A: No. Social media does not have links to the video.

Q4. Q4. Does the authority take any action

A: There is no information available about the actions taken by authorities.

Q5. Q5. What are the names for the boy and girl?

A: No one knows the identity of the couple.

Q6. Q6.

A: #Scandals#Alter #Viral, and many other keywords are used.

Q7. Q7.

A: YouTube only has part of the video, such as 1:30 minutes.


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