This article is about Clos-Luce Reviews This article provides all details about the website and its products in order to fully understand its value. Read on to learn more.

Do you love vintage Arti-facts and other antique items? Are you passionate about vintage products? You’re sure to love shopping for products with a vintage touch. This article will provide all the details. This website has a large collection of products with a vintage art presence. This web portal has been World renowned.

This article will discuss ClosLuce Reviews. We will be focusing on the unique products and other information that can help you to understand the credibility of the website. Follow the blog.


This shopping portal is quite innovative. This shopping portal features beautiful products. There are many products in their product line including posters, sterling silver jewellery and costume jewellery. Tshirts, ties and plastic models are all available. Its products are all printed with vintage art. This makes them even more appealing. Its products are of exceptional quality and available at an affordable price. However, it is sold online so buyers should note Is ClosLuce Legit


  • The domain
  • Date of introduction: Web portal was created on 11/07/2002.
  • Domain expiration: This website’s expiration date is 11/07/2024.
  • Email service No details about the email address are available.
  • This is the official address of the webpage: 2, rue du Clos Luce 3700 Amboise Loire Valley France.
  • Shipping time: Orders are shipped within 2 Business Days.
  • No delivery charges: The homepage does not provide any details about the free shipping service.
  • Express shipping method : Under Clos Luce Reviews. No details about the express shipping option are available.
  • Calling Support: 330247570073, is the number for the website.
  • Founder Name: No information is available about the founder on its homepage.
  • Social media logos: There are logos for Instagram and Facebook on the website.
  • Return Information: There are no return details on the website.
  • Payment Options: No payment logos are currently available.

The Merits of

  • It shares the URL of the web portal.
  • You can find various logos for social sites on the website.


  • It has not provided any information about the web founder.

Clos-Luce Legit Or a Fake Web Portal?

Although it has a unique collection of different types of products, authenticity is important as it is an internet site. These points will help you determine its credibility.

  • The web site existed on:The website portal was created on 11/07/2002.
  • Trust rank This website has a trust rank of 86%.
  • Copy content rate: This webpage has a 50% copy rate.
  • Discount percentage The website does not provide any details about the discount offer.
  • Web portal address legitimacy: It has provided a legitimate office address.
  • Social platform logos According ClosLuce Reviews there are logos for Instagram and Facebook on its web portal.
  • Website’s location: 2, rue du Clos Luce 3700 Amboise Loire Valley France.
  • Exchange service The exchange service’s details are not provided on the website.
  • Return charges on products: The website does not provide information on the return shipping costs.
  • Alexa ranking There is no data available on this site’s Alexa rank.
  • Details for cancelling an order: There is no information available about the cancellation process.
  • Refund Procedure: There are no details about the refund procedure on this website.
  • Policy pages There are many pages that can be used to describe the policies of a website.

Clos-Luce Reviews:

It does not have any reviews about its products from customers. The Alexa rank of this website is also unavailable. It has several logos from social media sites on its website, but it drops down to its homepage after you click on them. There are also no reviews on its products on online and social media platforms. Customers should look at All You Need to Know About the Paypal Scam

The Closing statement:

The website portal has a good reputation in the online marketplace. It has no buyers for its products. The web portal has a high trust rating. It has many social platform logos, but there are no reviews on online platforms or social media sites, according to ClosLuce Reviews. This website is prone to fraud, so buyers should be cautious. Customers should also check out Everything you need to know about credit card scam

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