Pirates must find the Road Poneglyph to reach Laugh Tale. The Road Poneglyph is a great tool for anyone who wants to travel to Laugh Tale. There is a route that leads to the final island. Pirates will do almost anything to acquire the Road Poneglyph, so it is only natural.

Only four Road Poneglyphs exist out of the many Poneglyphs. The Road Poneglyph appears bright red in the anime version. They are scattered throughout the ocean and few people know about their existence. So, if you want to be a pirate king, the Road Poneglyph search is a great adventure.

Roger followed three Road Poneglyphs after leaving the sky-island. Roger managed to find a copy Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph in Water 7. Roger finally found the last Road Poneglyph of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph while in Water 7. He discovered that there was a third Road Poneglyph located on Fishman Island. The Poneglyph contains a JoyBoy apology and is found in the same location as the position.

What about Luffy. Luffy has only seen one Road Poneglyph so far from Big Mom, and the other from Zou. Luffy is now focusing his attention on Kaido’s Poneglyph. That leaves the last Road Poneglyph of Fishman Island where it remains mysterious. Is there any evidence of the existence or disappearance of the last Road Poneglyph on Fishman Island?

Two possible scenarios are possible. One is Neptune might have given it to another person to hide, and the second is someone took it. The second possibility seems unlikely. Three reasons are possible for this. First, other than Kaido or Big Mom, there is no stronger pirate in the ocean who can forcefully take the Road Poneglyph.

Robin didn’t hear anything from Neptune regarding his Road Poneglyph. Neptune didn’t hint at his Road Poneglyph being lost, stolen, or that anything had happened. Finally, a Poneglyph can’t be moved. Logically speaking, people would rather have copies than the entire Poneglyph.

It is possible to be certain that the person who takes it is keeping its existence secret, but that does not necessarily mean that Fishman Island has become dangerous. Fishman Island was once a dangerous place for pirates as well as anyone who tried to stop them. There are “the perpetrators” and some people are being investigated.

First, it’s the Whitebeard pirate crew who once declared Fishman Island their territory. Maybe Whitebeard wanted to hide it. It could be that they kept it hidden. To make sure that nobody can find it. Marco is likely to still know where it is.

Blackbeard also became the owner of his Poneglyph. We now know that Whitebeard was killed in the war against Whitebeard’s other crew members. This made it possible for Blackbeard to have taken the Road Poneglyph with him and his crew. Blackbeard was once Whitebeard’s crew. He is therefore a “spy” and knows the location of his Poneglyph.

Blackbeard might have noticed it during the time-skip, which could explain why Marco and his friends decided to fight Blackbeard. Shanks has the third. Shanks may also be the person who took Road Poneglyph and became its guardian. If the timing is right Shanks could give it to Luffy. Shanks is a strong supporter of the new generation, as well the next Roger.

Scopper Gaban, who has been trusted to bring him back to Lodestar Island, is now the final figure. Scopper Gaban may have been looking for the right candidate to become the next pirate ruler. Luffy may now set his sights on Lodestar, where he will search for the last Road Poneglyph after Wano.


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