Do you want to know if Customjacket.Shop is a legitimate online store or a scam and if there’s a safe place to trust it? You have come to the right spot. Customjacket Shop Review: Let’s look at this store and determine its authenticity.

Safety Index Customjacket.Shop :30/100

  • Domain Name:Customjacket.Shop
  • Custom Jacket
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Parent Company Name And Address: ICEBOX NETWORK SL, C/Resurreccion 3, Bajo, Madrid
  • Shop: Product Categories and Products Available on its Website
  • The Website Lists the Following Products: Men’s Fashion Sneakers, Men’s Running Shoes, Men’s Tracksuits, Men’s Jogging Clothing, Baseball Uniforms, Men’s Fashion Jackets, Oversized Sport Wear, 2023 New Jacket Baseball Uniform, Boys’ 15.6″ Laptop Bags with Usb Charging Port, Boys’ Custom Backpacks, Men’s Business Backpacks, Men’s Waterproof Travel Backpacks, Men’s Business Backpack

Below we have listed a few facts about Customjacket Shop. These include its pros and cons as well as whether it has received any complaints. This will allow you to get a better understanding of the website.

  • SSL encryption has been implemented on the website.
  • Website includes contact information.
  • The domain name and the website name must match.
  • The domain name and email domain of a website are related.
  • Its parent company ICEBOX NETWORK SL is known for running similar types of scam sites such as Ifyville Mediliz Ecoasf Shirefun Calbell etc. It may, however, provide another name for the parent company in the future as many scam sites of this type do so. It’s important to not be confused in the future if this online store has a different parent company name.
  • At the time of our review, the “Contact Us”, “ABOUT US”, and “Home” page of the website did not include a phone number.
  • This site has a lot of products listed at steep discounts, which is suspicious because there are many scam sites that offer such discounts.
  • There are no social media icons on the website to allow users to connect with its social media accounts.
  • The design and content on Wonder-Gorgeous’ website are similar to other problematic websites.
  • Numerous complaints have been made about similar sites, which may indicate that their services or business practices are problematic.

Customjacket Shop has raised suspicions in the past.

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