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Cyklsao has an eCommerce site that sells Down Blend Pillow a folding zero gravity patio recliner lounger that can also be adjusted for Canopy Shade Headrest, Side Accessory trays Textilene Mesh Beige, Adrienn Performance Ivory/Navy/Blue Rug Beige, Products under the Bed Pillows, Chair, ROTO Design Lamps, Area Rugs Kitchenware This site has a trust score of 1.1%.

  • Website name: Cyklsao
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact address: Not available
  • Contact number: None
  • Type Product Name: Down blend firm pillow, Folding Zero-Gravity Outdoor Recliner patio Lounge Chair with Adjustable Canopy, Headrest and Side Accessory tray, Textilene Mesh Beige, Adrienn performance Ivory/Navy/Blue Rug
  • Payment options: Visa, Mastercard and Amex
  • Time for delivery: Our company strives to provide our customers with the best possible delivery options, no matter where they are. Every day we ship products to clients all over the world. We strive to offer you the best service possible. Shipping an order takes between 1-5 days. Shipping address: US Warehouse We offer Worldwide FedEx Shipping If the value of an item falls between 0 and 19.99 US dollars you will be charged 14.99 US Dollars for shipping. Shipping costs 7.99 US Dollars if the total price of the item falls between 20 and 38.99 US Dollars. Shipping charges are not applicable if the item’s value is higher than US dollars. Limited offer sales are only available for products up to a value of $70.
  • Return Policy: This company accepts returns. The customer has 14 days to ask for a refund. To be eligible for a refund, your product must still be in the original packaging in the same condition that you received it. The product must be in the original packaging. We need your receipt or proof of purchase to complete the return. Send the item to the manufacturer. The buyer will only be charged once for shipping costs (this does not include returns). A restocking fee is not applicable. Customers will be charged for returning the item.
  • Social Media Links: None

The following information can be used to test the credibility. Take a look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the site.

The extremely low 11 per cent score of this website causes issues with trust between Internet Explorers and internet users. The site has received negative feedback from other websites. This raises doubts about its authenticity.

  • This site provides the user with an SSL certificate that is valid as well as HTTPS in order to ensure their safety.
  • This site offers all the policies that clients may need.

You know the positives and negatives of the website. Now we can look at the factors that prove if this website is legit or not. You can determine this from the following points. You can read the information and add your comments if you have used the website. Your comments will help many people who are unsure about the legitimacy of the website. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Site age The 3rd June in 2023 expires on the 3rd June 2024.
  • Maximum Discount Offers: Up to 90 percent Off
  • Trust Score for Websites: According to scamdetector
  • Contact number is not valid
  • Customers Complaints There are no reviews or ratings.
  • The authenticity is that of Email ID: [email protected]
  • Returns and Exchanges: Order cancellation is accepted prior to the time that the product has been made or shipped. You will get a refund if you cancel your order. Even if an item has already been shipped, we cannot cancel the order. Verify your bank account if you haven’t yet received your refund. You may need to wait a few days for your refund to be fully credited. Contact your bank. There is a certain time period before the refund can be made. If you’ve completed all of the above and still haven’t received your refund Please contact our customer service at [email protected]. Contact us at our customer service via [email protected] to obtain an address for returning your item.

This site appears to be suspicious.

There is a possibility that Cyklsao is not a real website. We advise visitors to our website not to make any online purchases through the Cyklsao Shop’s site.

According to our research, the store appears authentic

Our inspections have led us to suspect that this site is not trustworthy. We do not recommend that our customers buy from this website. There is a list of additional websites that will be scams in the year 2022.


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