Do you want to be a teacher? Being a teacher requires a lot of duties, and most importantly, it requires commitment. It also requires a lot of skills, such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, patience, and organizational skills. Becoming a teacher can be quite challenging and difficult.

However, despite the challenges brought by being a teacher, this career is also fulfilling! You get to meet a lot of people, shape a child’s life, educate students, and make a difference in society. Being a teacher will give you a sense of purpose and identity and will satisfy your desire to nurture a child.

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If you really want to be a teacher, you have to fully understand your roles and your duties. This article will serve as a guide for what you should do if you are a teacher. Below are some of the responsibilities that a teacher must fulfill:

  1. Have essential skills that teaching requires

One of the primary duties that a teacher must fulfill is to have the skills that a qualified teacher must have. Of course, you can’t be hired for your chosen job if you don’t have the capabilities that it needs, right? Some of the common and important skills that a teacher should have are communication skills, punctuality, commitment, patience, leadership, professionalism, and conflict-resolution skills. Without these skills, there’s a chance that you will be unqualified for the job.

  1. Understand the subjects well.

Being a teacher means you will teach various kinds of subjects to students. Whether it is math, science, English, or history, you must have a better understanding and knowledge of these subjects in order to avoid misinformation. Whatever subject you specialize in, you have to study it thoroughly so you can teach the students accurately in the best way.

  1. To commit to classes and conduct regular activities.

A teacher should always be committed to every class schedule. A teacher who’s often absent is not suited to becoming one. You need to be punctual, and you have to be present each time. Not committing yourself to the job can cause the students to be misguided and negligent. The presence of a teacher is always important.

Conducting regular activities is also important. Too many discussions and long hours of sitting down can cause the students to become uninterested and drained. You also need to think of activities that will energize them—students also need to have fun. Recreational activities, sports, trips, and film viewings are some of the activities that you can conduct to keep your students interested.

  1. Record the students’ grades, and attendance, and observe their behaviors.

One of the most important responsibilities of a teacher is to keep track of the student’s grades. Record their participation, their assessments, and written activities. Another one is attendance. Recording how often a student comes to his or her classes is also important, so in this way, by the end of each quarter, you can evaluate the students.

Observing the behaviors of each student is also important. By truly understanding your students’ personalities, you can be aware of what environments and behaviors they prefer to interact with and what struggles they are facing, so you can offer to help.

  1. Encourage the students and guide them.

A patient and kind teacher is always remembered. One of the crucial duties that a teacher must fulfill is to encourage the students to participate in activities, break their ice, and guide them with their decision-making. Becoming a teacher also means loving and nurturing your students. By choosing this career, you have to set yourself as an example for the students and take part in their upbringing.

  1. Comply with the school rules.

Lastly is to comply with the school’s regulations. As a teacher, you should also abide by the school’s policies in order to present yourself as a qualified, professional, and true leader. This is also to carry the school’s name with harmony and stand as an example of an obedient citizen.

Now that you have understood and read about the duties of a teacher, you can now assess if you are really willing to pursue this career. It is important to fully understand the concept and tasks of your desired job so you can evaluate yourself and work without any regrets and lapses.


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