Some people may notice that as they get older, especially after menopause and with better posture, their abdomen and waistline are becoming more prone to fat. Do not worry, eating lots vegetables can help increase your metabolism and reduce the need to eat meat. What are the best ways to lose weight while eating vegetables?

Long-term “debtness” to the body

Brigitte Line, a 67 year-old actress, has been an icon in the hearts of many movie-lovers, forever “undefeated by the East.” She was rarely seen in public. She has been found to be in poor health in recent years. She weighed 68 kilograms at the close of last year.

Brigitte Lin, encouraged by her family, set out to lose weight. Her weight fell to 56kg in just six months. Netizens saw her in a painting show a few days back. Frozen was dressed in a full-suit, as if she hadn’t been blessed. Netizens exclaimed that Frozen is a beautiful example of “the years never defeat beauty”.

Brigitte Lin demonstrated that even older people can lose weight once they are blessed. Before we discuss how to lose weight let’s first look at why your figure changes as you age.

Experts in weight loss have pointed out six reasons that mature people should be blessed by dietitians:

1. Low metabolic enzyme activation: With age, metabolic enzyme activity decreases which in turn slows down metabolic efficiency.

2. Muscle mass: This will affect your metabolism. High muscle mass results in a high basal metabolic rates, but muscle mass decreases with age.

3. A decrease in estrogen: After menopause women’s estrogen secretion drops, making it easy for them to gain weight and cause abdominal obesity.

4. There are differences in intestinal bacteria. The quality of your intestinal bacteria can impact the body’s weight. Although different types of intestinal bacteria exist, they have not been controlled and people tend to gain weight as they age.

5. Toxicity accumulation: Fat cells can store organic compound toxins and many toxins prevent fat metabolism. Toxins will build up in the body as we age if the metabolism function is not optimal.

6. Inadequate nutrition over a long time: When eating habits are poor starting at a young age, and continuing for decades, the “nutrition deficit” will increase. Inadequate nutrition over many years can not only impact detoxification but also affect enzyme activity.

People with poor eating habits could eat more processed foods. The process of food processing will result in the loss of nutrients, as well as the addition to many additives, which can increase the body’s metabolic burden.

Get more food Eat more vegetables to lose weight

Metabolism is the key to a healthy metabolism. We can influence the key to improving metabolism, but age cannot be controlled.

“Multiple nutrients increase metabolism.” A variety of vegetables is essential to increase metabolism. The total amount of protein and starch in vegetables is higher than their amount. These are some tips that will help you to understand this concept.

Consume fresh and less processed foods

It is crucial to consider the quality of the ingredients. Use fresh, high-quality ingredients over processed foods. You should consume more foods that support your body’s detox functions.

Each day, you should eat 8-10 different types of vegetables

The more varied the colors and types of vegetables, the greater the variety of nutrients that can be ingested. Eat 8-10 varieties of vegetables daily, at most 5 types in a meal. Eight kinds are best.

For each meal, you can choose leafy vegetables or melons (such a large cucumber, small cucumber, wintermelon), as well as beans sprouts, bean pods (such sweet beans, string beans), brightly coloured vegetables (such a carrots, eggplants), and vegetables with bamboo shoots (white, corn shoots and bamboo shoots).

It is easy to eat a wide variety of vegetables. For cooking a meal, you can combine two or three different types of vegetables. It is possible to satisfy the demand if you cook two or three meals. This concept allows you to choose more dishes when ordering outside.

For each meal, eat 1.5 to 2 bowls vegetables

Emma Johnson, a coach for many, stated that she would ask them to eat lots of vegetables. “If you want your metabolism to increase, only eat two (vegetables): one (protein) and one (starch). This is not enough. You should eat a lot more vegetables. , Eat more than half of your dinner plate.

She suggested half a cup of starch and half an ounce of protein. You can change the starch amount to make it more filling if you’re hungry. Lunch and dinner should consist of 1.5 to 2 bowls each of vegetables. Three healthy breakfast options are sufficient.

Corn and pumpkin can be considered starchy foods, but not vegetables. You should decrease your appetite if you eat these foods. Corn is a good choice.

It is important to not eat too much protein and calories when trying to lose weight. This can lead easily to muscle loss. Emma Johnson mentioned that some people, especially young people, have very low calories per meal. This causes sarcopenia which can cause weight loss. Normally, one palm is enough protein per meal.

For the protection of your intestinal lining, you should consume less sugar and more oil

Good bacteria can grow in the intestines from sweets and fried foods. Dietary fiber found in fruits and veggies helps to promote good bacteria growth. You will notice a change in your intestinal flora if you eat more desserts and fried foods than fruits and vegetables.

This eating style is suitable for hot pots that many people love to eat. Many people believe that hot pot makes it easy to gain weight. You can actually make your food more enjoyable and happy without worrying about becoming fat. And water-absorbing noodles like instant noodles and winter noodles.

Salt intake should also be considered for older people. It can prevent edema and stabilize blood pressure.

Although such a diet is not difficult to follow, it does require self-discipline. Lin is an example of this. In an interview with Taiwanese media, Lin said that she was originally a fan of peanut butter, pasta and midnight snacks. To lose weight, she stopped eating sweets and midnight snacks and ate less oil and salt.

Brigitte lost weight because she exercised regularly. She used to play billiards, climb mountains and do Pilates every day, as well as exercise for one hour per day.

Emma Johnson recommended that you do whatever exercise you enjoy and not turn it into stress. People should feel relaxed and relieved after exercising so they can sustain it. You should be aware that eating too much food right after exercising will compensate for the calories burned.


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