The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online can be a complex game to get started. To help you get started, we have put together 13 tips in the ESO Beginner Tips Guide.

What exactly is ESO? The Elder Scrolls Online can be found in the same universe of the single-player series The Elder Scrolls. This isn’t an MMORPG but it relies heavily on single-player content. It’s one of the top MMOs that solo players will enjoy.

ESO offers a wide range of experiences, so you can go anywhere and experience it all with any level. The addition of “One Tamriel”, will ensure that your character is scaled correctly. ESO impresses with its stunning setting and the stories told with passion. It is equally suitable for solo players as well as group players.

The video of GameStar’s colleagues provides more information on the development of ESO and some gameplay.

This guide provides tips for beginners and includes links to detailed guides. It is updated regularly and expanded when necessary.

It’s a definite yes. The Elder Scrolls Online was launched in 2014. The game offers an abundance of content, which is enhanced each year by the Game Packs and Chapters. In 2022, players could follow the story of Black Heart of Skyrim. Starting next year, a new adventure entitled Gates of Oblivion will allow you to defend Tamriel. This question is often asked by players who have been playing ESO for years. But developers have everything figured out and you can quickly connect with players on current content. You can also explore any area of the game, regardless of your level.

Yes. Yes.

The main plot can also be played by one player. However, you can choose to join a group to find dungeons or to share the rewards for players who team up to defeat the most powerful monsters.

You can play alone in caves. You can also visit the public dungeons, if you so desire. These spaces are intended for multiplayer. But you can still venture there solo once you reach the maximum level or your equipment becomes better.

Solo players can also attempt their luck in two arenas: the Hollow of Vateshran and the arena of Maelstrom. These are areas that can only be used by one player. There are many other arenas available for groups.

If you like multiplayer, there are 4-player dungeons you can complete either with a pre-determined party or using the party finder. These dungeons offer great rewards and I recommend you visit them as soon as you can. Final, the eventsare ESO-raids and are only for groups of 12 players. We will now enter high-level PvE. You must join a guild to participate in this activity.

How do I begin?

Like all MMORPGs, you must first create a character. Before you can begin to enjoy the many settings for skin, voice and hair, you need to select a faction, race, and class.

These are the factions: There’s three factions at ESO.

  • The Aldmeri Domion
  • The Ebony Pact
  • The Daggerfall Alliance

You can play with or without others for quests, but it is completely irrelevant at first. Your faction has no influence over the Cyrodiil area or the starting area. One-Tamriel gives you the ability to go anywhere once you have reached the starting area.

First, every alliance begins in its area. Once you reach Cyrodiil, you will ride under the banners of your chosen faction. Depending on the alliance, these are the areas that will be your starting point:

  • The Aldmeri Dominion begins at the village “Khenarthis Rast”.
  • The Daggerfall Alliance’s start area, the island “Stros M’Kai”.
  • The Ebonheart Pact’s starting point is in the snow-covered “Odfels”.

A faction can influence your choice of race at the beginning. There are 3 factions and an additional neutral one that you can buy in the shop.

These are the breeds:

  • Orsimer (Orcs) – Daggerfall Alliance
  • Redguards – Daggerfall Alliance
  • Bretons – Daggerfall Alliance
  • Altmer (High Elves).
  • Khajiit- Altmeri Dominion
  • Bosmer (Wood Elves). – Altmeri Dominion
  • North Ebony Pact
  • Dunmer (Dark Elves) – Ebony Pact
  • Argonians – Ebony Pact
  • Imperial – From Crown Store

The Crown Shop offers the “Far From Home”, a package that cancels the assignment of race to factions. You can now play every race in all alliances. With the imperial ones, you are totally unrestricted.

In our ranking of all ESO race you can learn more about each race and what makes them special.

2. Which class should I choose?

In The Elder Scrolls Online any class can fulfill the role as DPS, Tank, or Healer depending upon the points you allocate in magic or staminaduring leveling.

Each class has its own personality and unique abilities, making it different from others. However, certain classes perform better in some activities than others.

Six classes available in ESO

  • Dragon Knight The Dragon Knight has the ability to master many elements (poison fire earth), and can be a great Tank. However, he can also provide excellent DPS in Magic and Stamina. But, don’t make him a healer. It is great for PvE or in PvP and its tanking skills are amazing.
  • Sorcerer is a great class for magic and stamina DPS. This class can cast lightning on enemies and summon pets to assist them in battle. However, you can use any familiar that you like.
  • Black Blade – It is an ESO’s Thief that blends in with shadows and uses stealth abilities. The Black Blade, a versatile DPS weapon that can also be used to heal or tank, is a good choice. This is a great class for those who enjoy PvP. The Black Blade is slightly more difficult to acquire.
  • Templar : This character is guided by the Light. He can become a fantastic healer and, as such, is loved by everyone in a group. He is also a great DPS player, but is much less skilled in Tanks.
  • Guardian (available along with the Morrowind Chapter: Extremely versatile, Guardians are the closest class to nature. They can take pride in allowing the player to choose their playstyle: Tank, DPS, or Healer. The Guardian is easy to access and offers many useful buffs/debuffs. It can offer frost-based, animal-based skills.
  • The Elsweyr Chapter has the Necromancer , which is a slightly different class based on elemental damage and death. The Necromancer summons friends, much like the Sorcerer. He can be a skilled Tank or a highly skilled DPS. His many skills allow him to support his team, making him an asset that is often appreciated by fellow adventurers. This class is more difficult because of the short lifespan of pets.

3. Understanding the skills system

The Elder Scrolls Online offers multiple skill line for each class that allows you to access multiple abilities. You can unlock new abilities by killing monsters or completing quests. Skill points can be re-assigned so you don’t have to do anything wrong.

Your skills and skill lines will gain XP if they are placed in your hotbar. It is a good idea to put skills that you are not using systematically. This will allow them to gain XP and will make you more useful later. You will see a faster progression rate if you have more skills in the same row. You will get a second skillbar at level 15. This will allow for you to quickly switch between shortcut bar.

Each character can have many skills. There are some that are specific to the class. However, there are also passive and active skills for other elements. Let’s examine some of these to show the principle behind operation.

: Each class is composed of three skill lines. Each line offers Ultimate, Passive, and Active skills. Each row should have a skill, and you must place one from each row in your hotbar. This will allow you to develop all three rows concurrently, rather than focusing on one row.

Weapons – There are six skill lines. These include bows and staves, two-handed weapons, and bows. A bow is required to activate the “Arc” skill. It will give you access and allow you to evolve your skills over the course of fights.

Do not panic. You don’t necessarily need to learn all the skill levels. The priority should be given to one skill, regardless of whether you have a Spell and Stamina character. You will gain more skills the more diverse weapons you have.

Armor There are three skill lines: Light Armor, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor. These lines can be unlocked, but you also need to increase their power by wearing at least three of the same type. You must have the Light Armor helmet, chest armor, shoulder pads, and a helmet of the same type to unlock Light Armor skills.

There are many other skill lines, such as World, Guilds Alliance War (PvP), Crafting, and others.

Each skill begins at level 1. You can move up to level 4. Some skills let you choose and allow them to evolve. This will give you the option of two evolutions, and you can choose which one you like best.

An ultimate skill is a skill that can be used in certain skill lines. It is a very powerful ability that requires the use of a special resource called the Ultimate Cost. This resource is accumulated during combat, and you can use it when you have enough.

Skill points are required to unlock new skills. These points can be earned by leveling up, completing quests and playing in dungeons. You can also earn skill points by increasing your Alliance rank.

4. NPC Guilds and Gaming Community

Players can join together to form guilds. However, The Elder Scrolls Online also provides a system for guild management by NPCs.

These guilds not just have their own history and quests to complete, but also give active and passive skill which can be interesting if you are looking to gain power, or get abilities that will increase the versatility of your character.

  • Guild of Warriors
  • Mages Guild
  • The Indomitable
  • Thieves Guild
  • The Dark Brotherhood
  • The Psijic Order

Reach out to other players for help if you need it. ESO has a caring community. You can even join up 5 guilds, if you so desire.

The Guild Finder allows you to search for a guild which meets your preferences. There are many categories available, including Role-play, Role-play and Crafting.

Participate in discussions on the ESO Forum. Here you’ll find the most recent announcements from developers and detailed information about game mechanics as well tips and tricks.

This shows how to distribute your attributes. At ESO, you have three attributes that can be skilled on your character.

It is crucial that these attributes are not filled equally. Magicka is a good investment if you are aiming to become a magic damage dealer. This applies to the role as a healer.

If you want to be a DD that deals physical damage, endurance might be the right attribute for you. It is possible to be a tank at the beginning of your ESO career. However, it can be difficult.

Also: Skills trees are created based on class and equipment. Mein MMO has put together three builds as a guide to help people get started with ESO. You will learn how this skill works and what to look out for.

This will help to you with skills. For more assistance with skills, you can also use the class guide. It gives you a quick list with your skills. This is something you should always have on hand. These are valuable tips that you can use to start your project, even if you don’t want to read a lot.

This will aid you in exploring. Or, you can use the resources already provided to assist you with exploration. With your map, you have an area guide. This list lists all of the area shrines, sky shards, and dungeons. You can see your area’s progress in one glance.

Particularly the above-mentioned sky fragments are essential for an introduction to ESO. You can get a skill point if you have three of these crystals scattered throughout the world.

Also, you can earn these skill points by completing certain area missions. Make sure you bring them with you. Your character will grow stronger as you accumulate more skill points. This will make leveling easier.

Enhancing your character through food: Not only is it important to choose the right class or skill, but this is just one part of your journey through Tamriel. Use buffs to enhance your character. You will be able to have food and drinks that you purchase from the dealer or make yourself.

ESO has many resources and plants. Keep track of your resources and collect them. You will have an easier time playing against your future opponents.

The extra kick with Mundus Stones: ESO has the so-called Mundus Stones for permanent buffs. These stones are found throughout Tamriel and give an additional buff. Only one active Mundus Stone can be at a given time.

  • Atronach – Increases Magicka regeneration
  • Thief – Increases your critical strike chance
  • Warrior – Increases weapon strength
  • Lord – Maximizes life expectancy
  • Lady – Increases magical and physical resistance
  • Mage – Increases magicka
  • Apprentice – Increases magical power
  • Lovers – Increases armor & magic penetration
  • Ritual – Increases the number of healings
  • Shadow – Increases critical harm
  • Snake – Improves stamina regeneration
  • Warhorse – Increases speed and health regeneration
  • Tower – Increases stamina

8. Enjoy the rewards of leveling up from 1 to 50

As you progress through your leveling, you will get rewards. Some are more valuable than others. Start with the Mount at level 10. You can use it to improve your speed and mobility.

The stable of your faction can allow you to upgrade this mount every day. Spend points to increase your mount’s movement speed, vigor (duration to the sprint), or its carrying capacity.

These gifts will be extremely useful for you. A higher-quality weapon (blue) will be available to you at level 15. It will be an incredible piece of equipment (purple) at level 25. The rewards include gold and crown crates from Atronach. These include consumables like potions but also cosmetic items, such as mounts or items to your home.

Items are subject to 5 quality levels.

Gray (Scrap), White (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), Gold (Legendary).

It is important to note that the Greymoor Chapter introduced mythical items, which are accessible through the Antiquities System. These can provide powerful bonuses, but they also have a negative impact on your character. Some items, for example, can increase the damage that you deal but will not deal critical damage in return.

9. You shouldn’t forget the art of craftsmanship

The Elder Scrolls Online’s profession system is very important. There are many ways to get involved in sewing, blacksmithing and woodworking.

You should start building your skills as soon as you can. This will make you a better trader in the end. It is important to focus on traits that lower the cost of future recipes. But also on traits that will be useful to craft high-level equipment. The first search takes only a few minutes, while the others can take weeks.

A blacksmith may also be able to make equipment, but alchemy can also allow you to create potions that give temporary boosts. The most fascinating are those that increase physical and magical damage.

Food gives an especially valuable boost They can last for up to 2 hours. This advantage should not be overlooked. There are different bonuses for health, Magicka and stamina depending on the dish.

You can make your food by cooking, fishing, and completing certain quests.


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