Kohls Gift Card Scam: If you have received emails claiming to be eligible for $75-100 Kohl’s gift cards rewards, please read this article.

Are you aware about the Kohl’s gift-card scams? Are you able to verify the balance of Victoria’s Secret and Kohl’s gift cards? How can scammers exploit Kohl’s to gain access the personal and payment details of customers? How can scammers trick customers into giving such information?

Let’s take a look at the United States scams in this article about Kohls gift card scam.

Kohl’s Scam:

Kohl’s offers a variety of promotional programs for customers. Kohl’s offers a variety of promotions to its customers. Kohl’s customers were offered a variety of promotions and scammers used them to set up a phishing scheme.

In mid-2019, the scam was exposed. The scammers obtained information from many customers since then and continue to send messages.

A number of people received an email informing that they could win a $100.00 Kohl’s gift card/additional amount by answering a short survey. In the email, the link to the survey site was embedded in a button.

Check Kohls Gift Card Balance:

To check the balance, you will need to enter Kohl’s gift-card number and pin. Below the bar codes, you will find the gift card number. Please visit the official Kohl’s website at https://www.kohls.com/giftcard/gift_card_check_balance.jsp to know the balance.

What is the Kohl’s Gift Card Scam?

Unknown URL of survey site. Since 2019, at least four of these emails circulated from time to time. After the customer clicks on the button, they will be redirected to the survey site. Customers will be asked to complete the survey and provide their payment information.

Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance:

You can check the balance of the Victoria’s Secret Gift Card by visiting – https://www.victoriassecret.com/in/vs/gift-cards (or) by calling 1(800)270-8999.

Customer is convinced that payment and personal information are required for credit rewards. They enter their details and the scammers get valuable information.


Kohl’s customers completed the survey in order to receive a $100.00 reward. They wanted to verify the balance. They did not receive $100.00 rewards. If you get an email claiming to be eligible for Kohl’s reward for answering a brief survey, please ignore it. Also, don’t click any link in the email. Never provide your personal or payment information via fake URLs.

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