Snapmaker 2.0 is a modular 3-in-1 3D printer that can be transformed into a CNC machine or a laser engraver with interchangeable modules. One of the most popular add-ons for this machine is the Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module. This module lets the user rotate cylindrical objects while engraving or cutting, opening up a new realm of creative possibilities. Adding the rotary module to the Snapmaker 2.0 allows for 4-axis rotary carving and laser engraving with high precision. Below are various features of the Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module and how it enhances creative capabilities.

· Bundled software and hardware experience: The Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module comes with bundled software allowing users to easily control and customize their projects. The Snapmaker Luban 4-axis software support enables users to quickly set up projects, whether users are using the CNC or laser engraver. The user-friendly and intuitive software makes it easy for beginners and experts. Snapmaker has also designed the rotary module to work seamlessly with the hardware. The high-quality components ensure your projects are accurate and precise, and the module is built to withstand heavy use.

· Origin Assistant (CNC) and Auto Focus (Laser) enabled; The Snapmaker rotary module is equipped with Origin Assistant for CNC carving and Auto Focus for laser engraving. The Origin Assistant feature allows users to set their project’s origin point easily. This ensures that the project is precisely positioned and centered, reducing the chance of errors. The Auto Focus feature is particularly useful when laser engraving. It automatically adjusts the laser head to the correct focus distance, ensuring your engravings are sharp and clear.

· Multi-material support: The rotary module supports dozens of materials, including wood, tooling boards, plastic, bamboo, leather, fabric, and non-transparent acrylics, among others.

· The Snapmaker rotary module also features a built-in sensor that can detect the object’s height. This feature ensures that the laser is at the correct height above the object, even if the object is not perfectly cylindrical. This is a critical feature for those who want to engrave or cut objects with uneven surfaces.

· Swappable 3-jaw chuck that can clamp inwards or outwards: The Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module comes with a swappable 3-jaw chuck that can clamp inwards or outwards. This allows you to easily hold your project in place while you work on it. The 3-jaw chuck supports objects with sizes up to 170mm length × 68mm radius with the tailstock or 225mm length × 68mm radius without the tailstock. You can also use a compatible chuck on the market. The chuck is easy to install and remove, making it simple to switch between projects. The swappable chuck is also designed to hold various materials, from soft plastics to harder materials. This means that you can work on a variety of projects with ease.

· Sleek design: The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module carries the same design signature as the Snapmaker 2.0. The metallic grey finish gives it a sophisticated look and feel. Fully anodized aero-grade aluminum is the secret to its durability.

· The base plate can be installed in different positions: The Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module’s base plate can be installed in different positions, giving you greater flexibility when working on various projects. This allows users to easily switch between CNC carving and laser engraving, as well as between different projects. In addition, the base plate is designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring it can withstand heavy use. This means you can work on larger projects without worrying about the module’s instability.

· Fully utilize features on the enclosure and emergency stop button: The Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module is designed to be safe and user-friendly. The Enclosure is designed to keep your workspace clean and safe while reducing noise and dust. The emergency stop button lets you quickly stop the module in an emergency, ensuring you and your project are safe.

Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module is an excellent add-on to the Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D printer. With the Snapmaker rotary module, you can easily engrave or carve cylindrical objects with high precision and accuracy, opening up endless possibilities for your creativity.


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