Cannabis is a plant with many cannabinoids that has been used from ancient periods onwards to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression, and it will make you feel better. THC Vape is done by some cannabis users for spiritual reasons, while others get health benefits, and some have fun.

Whatever the reason you are using it, some places, such as sports clubs, or most organizations, will not allow the use of cannabis. If you wish to go to that place, you undergo a drug test to show that you are free of cannabinoids called THC. It causes serious concern to the people who use cannabis.

Generally, THC remains in the body for three to ninety days. Various factors affect the drug test results, such as the amount of THC, frequency of use, metabolism, and hydration.

How Long Will THC Vape Oil Stay In Your System?

Are you vaping THC daily, and if so, you may be worried about how long THC will remain in your body. Before knowing about the factors involved in increasing the length of time, it is necessary to understand the effects of THC and how long it remains in the body.

According to, the most commonly used drug is marijuana. THC vaping under the legal age is widespread, and it is high. Vaping THC passes from the lungs and enters the blood circulation. THC from blood reaches the brain and various organs. It has an impact on the brain in the long and short term.

This process will take place slowly when we consume THC in edibles, as it takes time to digest them. The effect of vaping THC may end in experiencing the altered senses, such as colors and sound may get enhanced. There will be an enhancement of mood, and you will experience hallucinations if you consume an excessive amount.

It shows that everyone’s metabolism is different, and therefore the effect also varies from one another. Some may experience changes in their body movement, increased heart rate, and nausea. The THC effects will be exhausted within one to three hours of use. How long THC remains is related to the dosage amount and the following factors:

1. THC dosage

Of the THC taken into the body, about 20% is excreted into the urine. When you vape more, and if it is a more potent weed, it will take a long time to break down the metabolites and excrete them as a by-product. It may cause failure in a drug test.

2. Metabolism

You should eliminate THC and its by-product from the body to pass the drug test. The metabolic rates vary in different people, and people with faster metabolism may excrete THC at a quicker pace when compared to people with a slower metabolism.

3. Exercise

A person performing exercise before a drug test may get increased THC metabolites in the urine sample. In a research study, we see that after doing moderately intense exercise for 35 minutes, there is an increasingly significant amount of THC metabolites in the urine. It is due to an increased THC metabolite in the blood plasma.

THC is a fat or lipid-soluble molecule, and when consumed, it goes and binds to the fat in your body. When you exercise, the fat molecules are broken down, released, and stored as energy, and at the same time, held THC molecules released into the bloodstream.

4. Sex

In females, more fat content is present compared to males. Therefore females tend to metabolize THC cannabinoids slower than males.

5. Hydration

When there is a reduction in the fluid level, dehydration occurs in the body. It increases the THC concentrations in our system.

Detection times of vaping THC

If you are a regular cannabis user and want to pass drug testing, you should stop vaping two months before. You have to do additional work to clear THC from your body. When you use dry herbs for vaping, the range may be between 5-20%, and the THC concentrate level will be higher at 80-90%. For heavy users, the detectable time for the THC level will be longer in their system.

The concentrated form of THC remains in our system for longer than dry herb. A high level of THC will be detected in a person’s system for longer than thirty days if he is a frequent cannabis user. Depending upon the type of samples used, blood, urine, or hair, there will be a chance of THC remaining in the body. Tetrahydrocannabinol stays in the hair for nearly 90 days.

The THC vapes for the first time, or moderate or occasional, the level of THC may reduce only after some days. THC levels last for 1-3 months in hair tests for medium users and heavy users, 1-3 days for medium users and 10-25 days for heavy users in blood tests and 3-7 days for medium users, and 15-30 days for frequent users in urine tests.

Detoxing from THC

Detoxing from tetrahydrocannabinol takes a few weeks to a few months, based on the last usage and type of users, including light, medium, and heavy users. If a person consumes more cannabis, it will take more time to leave the system through excretion. But you can speed up the process by following techniques:

1. Frequent hydration

Intake of excess water excretes THC from a body like that of other waste substances.

2. Heavy exercise

When you do heavy exercise, you may get excessive sweating. It is involved in eliminating trace amounts of THC from the body. At the same time, break- down of fat cells in the body releases stored THC in the body.

3. Counselling

The best way to detoxify is to stop using THC until your drug test completion, and it needs counseling and help to prevent them from operating.

At present no medically proven way to reduce the THC level in blood circulation. Even though several detoxification kits are available, they will be dangerous to your health. Hence the safest way is to avoid using, hydrating your body, and exercise.


There is continuous growth and popularity of cannabis in the market. THC can stay in our system for a long time, from several days to months after the last use. It depends upon the factors such as metabolism, sex, usage frequency, etc. You should use it in your free time and don’t allow the drug test to stop you from enjoying it.

Cannabis legality varies in states. In some states, it is legal, and in other states, still under regulation. Follow the rules and regulations of THC usage in your residing area and enjoy its benefits.


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