How do I increase my Instagram likes? 7 suggestions to boost likes

Although the amount of likes is no longer displayed on the mobile app, gaining more Instagram likes is one strategy to increase your online presence. 

The amount of times people like posts from profiles they follow is one of the factors social network algorithms use to determine which posts to display on the homepage. 

It is crucial to gain your followers’ likes because the posts from accounts with the most interactions typically appear first.

Among other strategies, those who want to expand organically on the social network can create niche content, use hashtags to connect with various profiles, and post during peak user activity times. 

See the suggestions listed below to increase your Instagram likes. It is important to note that violating the social network’s rules and potentially subjecting the user to punishment entails utilizing robots or other outside technologies for this purpose. 

Utilizing Instagram’s features is therefore the best strategy to get more likes on your posts.

1. Post when your viewers are online

Getting less likes on your posts is a smart alternative if you know when the majority of your followers are online. Users of creator or corporate accounts have access to data on follower behavior. 

Simply go to your profile, click on “Information,” and select the “Public” option to do so. 

You may see information at the bottom of the page, such as what time of day your followers use Instagram each day of the week. Schedule your postings for the most popular times.

Instagram also shows the periods that visitors to your profile often interact with it. You must access your account’s information and select “Activity” in order to do this. 

The social network will display the most effective times for your followers to connect with your publications.

2. Adopt proper hashtag usage

To acquire likes from individuals who don’t yet follow the profile, hashtags are frequently used. 

However, if utilized improperly or in excess, the user risked not reaching the target audience and potentially having their publication marked as spam. 

The optimum way to ensure that people interested in the topic like and follow your profile is to write up to nine keywords that accurately describe the content of your article. 

Additionally, the comments section of your article is the greatest location to employ hashtags rather than the caption.

3. Publish often

For your profile to receive more likes, it’s crucial to publish frequently. Profiles with little activity typically lose followers and, as a result, likes. 

In order to get your followers accustomed to viewing your content, it is good to schedule weekly posts, preferably at comparable times. 

Utilize the Facebook Creator Studio tool to enable you to programme the published material.

4. Spend money on a planned feed

Potential followers may visit your profile if your feed is well-organized and includes lovely photographs that flow together harmoniously. 

Invest in post organizing strategies like patterned borders, comparable publications by rows, by colors, mosaics, etc. 

Make use of programmes that let you see how your feed will seem when the posts are added, and consider whether the aesthetic will appeal to Instagram users. 

It’s crucial to plan the content so that your feed stays organized and displays only the images that your Instagram profile wishes to promote, be it your brand’s merchandise, specialty content, or private images.

5. Recognize popular interests and create specialty content posts

Likes let you know if people are reading your posts and enjoying the material on your company, small business, personal profile, or Instagram account with niche suggestions like games and series. 

Analyze the data from your posts, determine which ones received the most comments, and then invest in material covering related topics. Your publications’ chances of receiving more likes rise in this way.

6. Add Places

Using location in postings is one way to connect with likes and followers who are local to your area or who have visited areas you’ve gone. 

All publications that included the location will be displayed when you click on the address of a tourist attraction, a store, or even a city. 

The most pertinent geolocation content will be presented along with the posts that have received the most likes. Simply click “Add location” after completing the publication’s caption to access the resource.

7. Form alliances and tag additional profiles

Collaborations with other Instagram accounts let you reach users who haven’t followed your account yet. 

It’s fascinating that both partner profiles write similar posts and tag each other in order to obtain likes on their publications. 

The feature can be used with profiles of small brands and content creator companies. As a result, fans of both profiles have access to the other profile, which increases interest in the material and engagement.

How many Instagram likes did you receive using these techniques?

We guarantee that these pointers will increase Instagram visits, which will increase likes and followers. 

Who has already submitted an application for your profile? Let’s examine which tactics are effective and which may be improved once you let us know in the comments!


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