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Do you know why hurricanes get named? Do you know the most recent news about Atlantic hurricanes? This webpage will provide all the information you need. The Atlantic hurricanes of 2022 have had a slow start. The most talked-about news in Canada and the United States was the prediction of hurricanes by NOAA.

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Why is NOAA naming Hurricanes?

The Atlantic hurricanes of 2022 have had a slow start. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), declares each year the severity of hurricanes. According to reports, NOAA names all Hurricanes. The NOAA started naming storms around the 20th century. Only hurricanes that reached 30 miles per hour were named.

According to sources, the Meteorological Organization selects the storm’s names. If the storm speeds exceed 119 miles an hour, it’s called a Typhoon or Hurricane.

How do they name the Hurricanes?

According to sources, the natives of Puerto Rico used this method for naming earlier. Natives gave saints’ names for the storms. This technique was later adopted by the U.S. in 50. In the beginning, the NOAA chose only female names to name the storms. This was stopped later and storms were named in 1970s. This led to the question How Do They Naming Hurricanes in The United States. It was later clarified that the severity of a storm did not depend on gender.

According to reports, letters such as Y, U and X are not used for naming a storm. WMO approves the names once they are selected from the list. The list of names is recycled every six years. Only a few days remain for the Atlantic Hurricanes season. The list of names has already been published. The names of the storms are listed alphabetically.

A question was raised about Why do they call hurricanes? Hurricanes are the name used to communicate and inform people about them.


Every year, the NOAA provides information about the storm’s impact and severity. This article details every detail about the storm and the arrival the Atlantic hurricane season. Click this link to for more information on the methods of naming the storm.

This article contains every detail regarding the Atlantic hurricane 2022. How Do They Name Hurricanes and Tropical Storms?

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