How students can make money: Although student scholarships are small, they might be sufficient to cover a few days. Flexible working hours are key for college students. Junior classes are held during the day so you can only work weekends or at night. Some activities are suitable for college students, and allow them to earn money for their own needs, This Close To My Heart review will go through the company’s operations, what distributors can anticipate, and whether or not it is a pyramid scam.


Students are often able to freelance and become self-employed. Freelancing has the advantage that you don’t have to follow a schedule. It’s also a great advantage to not have a boss.

SMM promotion can be done by students. They can also create websites and write product reviews. Students are also interested in assignments. You can write essays, term papers, master’s theses and essays, and earn a good income. You can promote specialized sites or use social media to get promoted. Earnings for freelancers at the beginning will be low. However, as you gain experience, your earnings will increase.


College students could make a living blogging. If you advertise your blog, advertisers can place offers on it to make money. Online blogging is possible, as well as the popular TikTok and other social networks like Instagram.

Many young bloggers have many subscribers and multimillion-dollar royalties at a young age. Their success lies in creating content that is interesting to the masses and has a nice image.

Stock exchange

Students studying finance and financial aspects could make a lot of money by trading on the stock exchange. You don’t need to be educated in order to make money. There are many courses available online. To get started, you will need capital. However, it is easier to use an emulator to test your skills so that you don’t lose your personal funds.

Operator of answering services

Sales departments are a common way for college students to earn. This job involves answering customers’ calls and making phone calls. This job requires a high level of stress resistance and perseverance.

This job has many benefits. It can be combined with studies, and you can start working without any experience.

Internships with compensation

Internships with a bank, or a company can be a great option for those who want to work in this field. While you’re still in school, an internship can give you valuable experience. However, the majority of internships are not completed on time, so this is a great way to get experience.


Handicrafts can be a lucrative career for students. Handicrafts can be made by women, such as soap and candle lights. Men could also make furniture or jewellery. It is very common to make handcrafted products. You can distribute your product via your Instagram account or through a card website. Holidays are a great time to buy handcrafted products that reflect the warmth of the human hand.

Home baking

Students can sell their own baked goods such as pastries and cakes. E-commerce requires a cooking oven. This can be problematic for student housing.


Students could make a lot of money by providing manicure and make-up services. It is possible to practice with a friend first, then you can start to deal with clients.


With no experience, you can make money as a promoter. This work includes both distributing leaflets and inviting people to shops. This type of activity has the advantage of being paid quickly after completion. You can combine your work with college by being flexible in your schedule. It may prove difficult to work in certain climates. It is possible that you will need to stay on your feet for several hours.


To make money, women can take on the role of babysitting. This may not be suitable for full-time students as this is the time babysitting is needed most often. It may be more beneficial if the nanny didn’t only sit with the children but also taught them other activities.

Expert in fitness

You can start a business providing expert services in fitness for those with skills and knowledge. You could offer classes in aerobic exercise, football or chess. You can rent out buildings and have them set up for your client’s hall if you feel the demand.

Multilevel marketing

Multilevel marketing can be dangerous and people are afraid of it. However, it is an mlm company and not a pyramid scheme.

Multilevel marketing can provide a good income source for students.

Courier job

Courier services are a well-known field of labor. They deliver groceries and food.

To get started, you will need a smartphone. You should also have a medical insurance card.


You can participate in tutoring services if you have some knowledge, such as of the language. Clients could be students, adults, or other students. There are many websites that allow you to place ads searching for clients.


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