Are you looking to make a website? It is easy. This article will provide a detailed guide on “How to create a website or blog”. I hope you enjoy it. It is easy to start a blog/website. You just need to put in a little more effort. You can make a lot of money blogging online. Each day a new blog is created, whether it be for your business or another topic. It is a question of how to start a blog (website). How do you start a blog? There are many ways to start a blog that sound interesting and complicated. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a website for free.

Blogger and WordPress are the most popular platforms to create a website. Let’s get into the details. Before you can create a blog, think about the topic you want to write about. You will need to think about your domain if you already own an offline business.


What is Domain? What is Domain?

After choosing your topic, the first thing you do is create a domain. Domain will address your blog or site if it is written in simple language.

We all know what Facebook is so we need to enter into our browser’s address bar. When facebook opens, the domain was

To purchase your Domain, you will need to pay and it can be done online. You can purchase Domains on many websites, such as Godaddy and Namecheap. You can also get the domain for free but they will give you a subdomain.

Website (blog) using WORDPRESS/BLOGGER

Blogger (Blogspot)

Bloggers have the greatest advantage in creating blogs. It doesn’t cost anything. You can easily create a blog on Blogger. There are many other blogging platforms that we can use to create websites for free. Blogger (Blogspot), is the best of them all. Bloggers are an excellent option for people who don’t have any experience in blogging or who want to get started with First Time Blogging. You don’t need to pay anything to get a domain.


WordPress is the best platform to blog and create the most blogs in the world. WordPress is without a doubt the most popular platform for creating blogs and websites. WordPress is still the most popular platform for creating websites and blogs. Nearly 26 percent of top 10,000,000 websites are on it. You don’t need to know HTML if you want to make changes to the site’s design or content.

WP doesn’t require you to edit manually. You can use many plugins to automate the process. To create a WordPress website, we recommend you purchase your Domain and Web Hosting.

You now know basic talk wordpress and blogger. You now have the ability to decide which one is right for you. We suggest that you start a blog/blog. Blogger is the best choice if you are looking to create a website. WordPress is the best if you are able to spend money and have some knowledge about blogging.


Bloggers are the best option for people who want to learn how to blog or don’t have the budget to purchase a domain or web hosting. Google Blogger is the only product that allows you to create a website. To create a blog, you only need a Gmail ID. If you don’t already have a Gmail ID, how do you create one? This article will show you how to create Gmail.

  1. To create a blog, first open the page in your web browser. You will see the Create Your Blog link, which you must click.

2. Sign in using your Gmail ID. The next option is called Blogger Profile. Click Continue to Blogger and enter your name in Display Name.

3. Click the Create New Blog button below. On the next page, you’ll see 3 options. You will need to fill out your blog’s name in the first Title. You will need to enter your blog address as I have provided a freearticle69 site. You can address something no one has done before. You’ll see a Show ‘Sorry, this blogger address is not available’ message if you have an existing blog.

4. The theme will be your Blog’s Design. Click the Create Blog button to select the theme of your choice.

5. You’re now a blogger! Click View Blog to view your blog. You can view your blog by clicking View Blog. For example, as I inserted address freearticle69, my URL would be

Making Money from Blogs – EARN MONEY BLOGGING

You now know everything you need to know about creating a blog. Now you will be able to ask how we made money with the blog (Blog). A blog also publishes work related posts on the topic. People will visit the website to view them.

We can place ads on our blog when there is more traffic. These ads make us money. We will earn more if more people visit our site. We can use a variety of ads such as Google Adsense and Infolinks to make money off our blogs.


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