You might be a busy worker at work and want to relieve stress by having a good appetite. Or you may be a student studying until the early hours of the morning, and need some support. Or perhaps you simply have a dull mouth and just can’t bear to eat. No matter what the reason, there will always be a need for food in the middle of the night.

To eat healthy, it is important to understand why we get hungry in the middle night. Why is supper so unhealthy for us? What can we do to achieve balance?

Supper, why is that so unhealthy?

We get tired from a hard day’s work and need to sleep. If we are required to remain awake and work overtime, or continue studying, our bodies will release hormones that control hunger. We are more inclined to eat high-oil, high sugar, and high calorie foods (such a French fry, fried chicken or instant noodles, potato chips, etc.). It could be because we are deprived of sleep, or it could be because we want to reward ourselves.

Another finding was that the speed of digestion at night is slower than at daytime. This was revealed by a 2012 survey. The body converts food into fat within 1-2 hours of going to bed. No matter the type of food or your digestive system, it’s easier to gain weight late at night than during the day. It will also affect quality of sleep and cause memory loss, abdominal distension, and indigestion.

To eat, or not to eat? This is a good question.

You must first decide if your hunger is real or a habit. If it’s just a habit, it could be motivated by a desire. It is possible to drink water and pressurize, and then write down the things you would like to eat.

You can choose from these healthy, delicious, quick, and satisfying snacks if you’re really hungry

Oatmeal: The warmth of the dark night

Who said oatmeal was only for breakfast? It can be a great way to forget about a tiring day by enjoying a bowl of warm and sweet oatmeal at night. First, avoid pre-made, high-sugar, and fragmented bagged oats. Instead choose traditional rolled (rolled) oats. They are healthier, and taste better.

Put half a cup oats into a cup. Next, add milk. Your preference can be adjusted to adjust the amount you use. Oatmeal will absorb the sweetness from milk throughout heating. It will be soft, chewy and delicious. It tastes like porridge but is smoother than other cereals and is full of nutrients. To increase the sweetness, add a few blueberries. Heat and stir. When the blueberry juice and pulp are mixed with the oatmeal, the sweetness is more vibrant!

Natural nuts: The little guardian that feeds the brain and strengthens the spleen

A study that surveyed more than 50,000 women over eight years found that long term use of nuts was associated with weight control and weight loss. Almonds are rich in vitamins and can increase body’s healthy fat. They also have a slower digestion speed, which can give you a longer feeling of fullness. You can replace chips with nuts if your stomach protests. Sprinkle nuts on sugar-free yogurt to get more calcium or protein if you don’t feel like eating nuts. (healthy)

You should also be aware that there are many specialty flavor nuts, such as honey and mustard, butter, and spicy… These flavores nuts are processed with extra flavors, which can lead to high levels of sugar, oil, and calories. This type of nuts should not be chosen. Nuts are better if you eat less.

Apple peanut Butter: Rich and creamy double taste

A 2018 study revealed that long-term consumption of nuts, including peanuts, reduces the chance of people gaining weight. Peanut butter contains high-quality fats and vitamins. This can help increase satisfaction without eating too much. It is best to eat peanut butter with high-sugar or high-carbon bread before you go to bed. This will cause blood sugar to rise, which will make it difficult for the body to digest and eventually lead to excess fat. Substituting for bread with cold, crisp apple slices will not only negate the rich peanut butter but also make it a healthier option. Simply cut the apple in slices and spread peanut butter. You have a tasty and simple night snack! (healthy)

Hardboiled eggs: Regulars for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Oiled eggs can be used in both the morning and evening. They are rich in protein and low in saturated fat. Boiling eggs can also promote sleep because they contain melatonin. To keep the eggs from overheating, boil them in cold water. After boiling the eggs, let them cool in a saucepan. Next, cook them for 6 to 10 mins. To enhance the flavor of boiled eggs, you can use chili powder or black pepper. It is not recommended to use mayonnaise, which is high in calories. (healthy)

Banana cup muffins: do it yourself healthier

A ripe banana, flour, and milk are all you need to make a quick and delicious cup muffin. Take a half of a banana and crush it with a fork to make a paste. Pour it into the cup. One spoonful milk, one spoonful oil, one spoonful honey, three tablespoons flour, one teaspoon baking soda and stir. Then heat it in the microwave for 45 to 1 minute. You can also add dark chocolate or raisins to suit your taste. You can make more than one banana and share it with family members or roommates. Or you can treat your stomach completely.

You have so many options for healthy, delicious snacks that you can enjoy late at night. If you’re looking for something to eat tonight, stop reaching for the potato chips.


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