We love birds for their beauty and their song , but they can also be a nuisance. It is important to find ways to keep birds out of your vegetables and fruits. Maybe pigeons invade your roof, balcony or home and litter all that is in their way.

You don’t have to harm birds if they are causing problems in your crops or your environment. This is a list with tips and tricks that will keep birds away.

1. How can I keep birds off my roof?

You might be wondering how to keep birds away from your home roof or on your balcony.

Install anti-bird spikes to keep birds, such as pigeons, from landing on your balcony or roof.

These spike strips, which are available in both metal and plastic, can be attached to the edge of a roof or cornice. For fear of injuring their own, birds won’t want to land there.

Bird spikes are often the best way to keep birds from your house.

2. How do you keep birds away?

There are many methods to keep birds out of your garden. Many of these solutions can be accomplished with just a few household items.

Aluminum plates Hang metal plates with strings and stakes on your fence or in the vegetable garden. The plates will make the birds stay away from the vegetable gardens because of their reflections and noise. Place them near each other to make the least amount of noise. Similar trick applies to cans.

Nets From the beginning of each season, cover your plants with fine mesh netting. This will prevent the birds from eating the fruits and veggies and flowers. You should be careful as small mammals and birds can sometimes get stuck there.

A Motion detector: You can find motion sensors on sale that will trigger a jet water when an creature or bird passes by. These devices are ineffective for small birds.

Scarecrow: This is a fun craft you can do with the kids! You can use old clothes and fill them up with straw. You should draw eyes and a mouth onto her face and give her a hat!

False Owls These false birds can help keep birds away from garden centers and hardware shops. The truth is that birds don’t believe in owls and they won’t let them fooled, especially if they find out the owl has never moved!

3. How do you keep birds from eating fruit trees?

Numerous bird species are attracted by small fruits such as raspberries, Saskatoon and crabapples.

Cherry trees can be a problem if you have them. It is possible to put a net over your cherry and fruit trees, but this can be difficult if they grow very tall.

You have one option here:

  • aluminum plates
  • Tin cans
  • Old CDs
  • aluminum foil strips.

An effective repellant strip can be purchased to protect against pigeons, and other birds that are not desired.

Scent scarers could include rags soaked with predator urine and soaked in rags. It is a great way to get birds away form fruit trees.

You can also keep birds away by hanging mothballs on plastic bottles you have attached to branches. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Reduce plastic bottles in half
  • Put a few mothballs in it.
  • You can hang the bottles on the branches with string or wire.

This mothballs tip works against birds that eat cherries off cherry trees.

4. How do you protect seedlings from the birds?

Grain-eating birds love to devour the seeds we have planted in the vegetable garden. How do you keep your seedlings safe from birds?

Place a small stake in each row to protect the seedlings. Tie a string of wool or cotton to the stake so it’s just a few inches above your seed row.

It is an easy and quick way to protect your garden and seedlings against birds.

5. Birds can be kept away by sound alarms

Installing a sound bird scarier can also be a good way to discourage birds. It can be as simple as a radio that is placed under a tree near the vegetable gardens, or light plastic bags attached to wooden stakes.

Also known as sound bombs or sound scares you can get sound effects. These can be used to make the sounds of rifle fire or explosion, which are extremely effective against birds. But, this tactic may not be liked by your neighbors.

These are not real cat faces …. Yes, they are not. Visual scares can be purchased in specialist stores and online.

These are metal cat head with sparkling balls eyes. To keep birds away, you can hang these cat head to protect your fruit trees and vegetable patches.

7. Use ultrasound to keep the birds away

Ultrasonic repellents are available in hardware stores and garden centers to repel birds.

These devices emit a strong, sterile ultrasound that birds find insurmountable. This will depend on how large your vegetable garden is orchard. You may need several devices.

Additionally, the devices will deter any small mammal from trying to eat your vegetables or steal your fruits. The majority of models use batteries which you should change frequently. You should consider purchasing the higher-end models that are connected to the electricity at your home.


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