Wearing something sparkly is often associated with momentous occasions. Diamond and gold jewelry were often bought and gifted at the time of graduation, birthday, or weddings. 

But what about investing in gold and diamond jewelry just for yourself? More and more jewelry designers are noticing trends where people are demanding individualized pieces that reflect their style statements. 

Be it men’s diamond chains, supersized signature rings, or 14k gold rope chains, jewelry is now bolder, unique, and uplifting. If you are on the fence about investing in a new piece, here are some of the top expert-approved trends that are ruling the charts this year. 

Gold and Diamond Trends Shining in 2023

Brilliant and elegant diamond and gold jewelry is now more about something that you enjoy wearing and not something that sits in your closet for years. 

Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist and feel that your jewelry stash could do with an update, you have come to the right place. 

We have looked through runway trends, social media, and the best industry experts to bring you the top diamond and gold jewelry trends for 2023.

Extra-Large Earrings

Big maximalist earrings ruled the charts in the 70s and 80s. They have slowly made a comeback and have been ruling the runways for a few years now. Most jewelry designers are bringing back their versions of these earrings.

Whether they are oversized hoops, huge gold and diamond baubles, or statement pieces, these earrings are everywhere. 

Opt for shoulder-slimming drop earrings in diamonds or ones in drop gold in cascading style for that chic style statement. 

Mens Diamond Chains

One trend that has been all over the red carpet is diamond chains for men. While there is nothing new about women wearing diamond chains, this year it is all about men sporting them with a show-stopping aplomb.

From Leon Bridges and Jared Leto, to Lil Nas X, men around the world are loving their diamond chains right now. 

Choose from round-neck men’s diamond chains or thick circular gold chains embossed with diamonds. 

Signet Rings 

This is one jewelry trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. Signet rings have become one of the biggest trends of the year and jewelry designers are coming up with fun and whimsical takes on the classic signet ring. 

You don’t have to be from a royal family to own an inventive signet ring. Some of the most striking and versatile signet ring styles are chunky gold ones monogrammed with your initials or even an emoji. 

For an elevated style, wear these on your pinky finger or the middle finger. 

Cuff Bracelets

A simple and classic no-fuss cuff bracelet makes a powerful statement. These bracelets are minimal and blend with all kinds of attires. They are bold and add a lot of glamor to your personality.

But this year, cuffs aren’t just being worn on the wrists. A trend that has caught us off guard is the arm cuff. Runway models and celebs are sporting these cuffs around their biceps to make that edgy style statement. 

The most popular cuffs are ones in white and rose gold. Or if you love the traditional yellow gold, go ahead and sport a cuff in that. 

Thick Chains

It is all about chunky jewelry this season. From chunky hoops to bracelets, everything seems to be in a capital ‘C’. 

These chains effuse the glamor of the 80s and restrained power but with a touch of subtleness. Want to know our top picks? We love Gucci link chains. They stand out as the true heroes of the season. 

Another of our favorites is 14k gold rope chains. They can be found in unique shapes and textures right from braided, links, and ribbed. They are minimalist and can be teamed with anything right from your denim and T-shirt to skirts and even formal attire.  

Diamond Chandelier Earrings

We all love our chunky hoops and simple studs, when you have back-to-back formal events to attend, the occasion calls for something dressier. This is the perfect time to switch your regular earrings with statement chandelier earrings.

Whether it is a long black gown or a pair of dressy pants, diamond-studded chandelier earrings are sure to elevate your look to the next level. These earrings are also perfect for making your neck appear slimmer. 

Our top picks are earrings in teardrop design or ones in asymmetrical cascading sleek strings of diamonds. Trust us, these styles are sure to get you compliments all evening. 

Gold Chokers

We love that chokers are back this season. Did you know that chokers have been worn by men and women for centuries? This thick necklace worn close to the neck has seen a resurgence several times. It is mainly loved for being the ultimate style statement that exudes power, high fashion, and rebelliousness. 

Our favorite pick is a thick choker in gold. One of the best things about this piece of jewelry is that it can be easily dressed up and down depending on the occasion. They go well with little black dresses as well as a fine evening gown. 

For a quirky ensemble, team up a thin dainty choker with ripped denim and a T-shirt. For creating a variety, pick up chokers with detachable pendants. This way, you don’t have to buy a new necklace for every big occasion. 

Summing Up

If you are looking for fun and unique ways to accessorize, look no further than these pieces. Whether it’s quirky, minimalist, or muted elegance, this year’s trends are all about asserting your personality. Pieces like men’s diamond chains and Gucci link chains are all about making a bold statement with looks that are versatile, classy, and luxurious. This is where So Icy Jewelry comes in. Our gold and diamond jewelry collection is hand-curated by some of the most talented designers. We update our collections regularly so that you don’t miss out on the latest trends ever. 


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